Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a busy weekend. The play went well, much better than I thought it would. But then again...I say that every year! I tried to find some pictures but it looks like none of my children have downloaded their cameras yet. I took three pictures at rehearsal. This is Anna getting ready to sing her song, "I Wanna Go Home." We both enjoyed that song!
The girls sang three songs together, Anna sang 6 songs, Maggie sang 5 songs, and Sarah the finale. Those voice lessons are paying off!
Allen and Anna sang a duet. My only two blue-eyed children.
Speaking of lessons...this is Anna at voice lessons. Audrey is the absolute best voice teacher we know. What a blessing to have this opportunity! Now it's Maggie and Sarah's turn. Mike and I were able to notice the difference in voice quality after only a couple lessons. Learning to breathe is so crucial.
We had a little fun while putting away laundry the other night. Allen put on Maggie's culottes, and Maggie put on Allen's jeans. (Hard to believe but Maggie has culottes on under Allen's pants!) Goofy children.
Ruthie came downstairs this morning all ready to ride the range. She is so thrilled that she can now wear boots big enough to fit her spurs. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo!
Today I used my birthday money and bought a set of these stoneware bowls from Lehman's. Aren't they nifty?! The largest bowl is 2-3/4 gallons large!! I collect 8 quart bowls, so this is even bigger. I have lots of stoneware bowls and I use them all regularly. I am looking forward to getting these in the mail.

Dad left this morning for 2 weeks in Texas. We will miss him. We are also very green-eyed! Dad was hoping to take some of my children with him, but we have too many commitments.

Our latest Maggie update concerning her doctor's appt yesterday. The doctors (a team of 3) want her to see a Rheumatologist as well as an Accupuncturist. After that, she's off to Johns Hopkins. All her bloodwork came back negative, so we know she doesn't have lyme, lupus, and several other similiar diseases. PTL

My brothers are building a new rental home on their farm, so we're going to finish schoolwork and then take off to visit them in Leonardtown (about 20 minutes away). We will stop by our Mennonite neighbor's home and buy a bushel of apples. Yummy!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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