Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nothing much going on around here the past two days. Lots of schoolwork and reading. I made some more of my honey wheatberry bread but for wheatberries, I used a mixture of hard winter wheat, Golden Prairie wheat, and red wheat. Even though it was delicious, I couldn't tell that I'd used different wheat berries.On Thursday night, my children spent the night outside. I asked them to take a picture of them sitting around the campfire. This is the picture I got:~)
This picture was taken the next morning. They cooked tea and turkey bacon over this campfire.
My camera had gotten left outside in the heavy dew, so the first picture in the morning looked like this...yikes! But it seems to be working fine now.
Mike and Sarah stayed up until 1 am last night making t-shirts for the teens at church. Our church is having our annual Patch the Pirate play. This year's play is called Camp Kookawacka. So the teens will wear these t-shirts in the hopes of looking like campers.
Here's what they ended up with. The shirts were supposed to have a picture on the front, but they ran out of time and ink.
I thought I'd show you this picture of a sink faucet that Mike's friend installed in their home. Mike loved it.

I read this morning on that the FDA has issued a statement that a tiny amount of melamine is not harmful for adults. Yikes! You can read about it here, but please don't believe it for a second! No wonder our nation is producing more and more autistic children and asthmatics!

Allen's brain must have been dreaming while we were putting the pool away last week because now he wants to take a pool lining and make a hovercraft. He's spent hours researching hovercrafts this week. The scary part is that Mike seemed to catch his spirit! I guess it looked overwhelming because the last thing I heard was that they were looking online for a hovercraft kit. They cost about $500-600. I'm so glad we can't afford that!

Well, we're off to church for a day of dress rehearsal. This is the hard part for up a weekend. We're praying the Lord will use this play as a ministry outreach.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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