Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sarah is still busy crocheting. She made this cute little sweater for her friend Hannah's dog, Colby. Isn't he adorable? I got this picture off Sarah's blog. Now Sarah has Lizzie crocheting too. She's working on an afghan. I'll get a picture of that soon. Of course, Ruthie is still crocheting something new everyday. Such fun! This week I was washing my Courthouse Steps quilt that I made in 1985, and I noticed it is really starting to fade. It's only a matter of time before it starts fraying. That's quilts are meant to be used.
This closeup shows the fading more. I bought this fabric while we were living in San Francisco. I paid 4 yards for $1! That was a great deal then...the usual sale being 2 or 3 yards for $1.
I made the Courthouse Steps quilt using the Lap Quilting method that was popularized by Georgia Bonesteel on PBS back in the 80s. Georgia is still going strong. Her website is selling all her books for cheap (4/$30). She also has a nice blog that is worth looking at.
Mike sent home these pictures that someone at work had given him. I think they were taken by the Boy Scouts of America as a warning. Try to find the copperhead in the above picture.
Here's the answer. Did you get it? I didn't. I have to admit...usually I am the last person to see them, even here on our property.

We suffered through a virus this weekend that included a tummyache and headache. Everyone but Lizzie and Mike got far. I think we are past it though.

Sarah has gotten three of my children involved in Nanowrimo. Surely you know what that is? National Novel Writing Month. Ruthie signed up for 1000 words, and the twins signed up for 10,000 words. They have one month to write it. I don't know how many words Sarah herself has signed up for, but she writes so much already. She even got her homeschool class to sign up. Take a look!

My inlaws are coming this weekend, so we are trying to do some extra cleaning...but we have more than the usual appts this week, so it's been hard.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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