Monday, October 20, 2008

I am still having fun watching the cast iron sales on eBay. I figure the economy can't be too bad when someone is willing to pay $3927.78 for a child's toy! Yep, you can see the auction page here, then go call Grandma to see if she has a set up in her attic!
Each week there are several auctions for these "rare" cast iron bundt pans. This one sold for $529.99, which is a hundred more than usual. You can see the auction page here.
One last auction for you...this pan sold for $1,028. I still can't figure out what is so unusual about this pan. Here's the auction. I only know that there are many cast iron fan clubs whose members are crazy about their collections. Anyway, I enjoy seeing all the myriads of cast iron. But I am harmless since I wouldn't pay these prices even if I could afford them.
This past Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market in Charlotte Hall. I saw this sticker on a car and thought it was funny.
These oranges are yummy. I felt thrilled to pay $30 for a bushel of seedless naval oranges, a basket of onions, and a flat of strawberries.
A flat of strawberries has 16 of these 1 lb containers. Most of the strawberries were red and juicy but have been eaten. I forgot to take a picture until this morning. We will probably blend these strawberries along with some oranges and a banana. I don't know's 63 in my home this morning. The evening temps have been in the 40s lately.

Speaking of temps...I know my friend, Joan, in Wyoming, is laughing at our measely 40 degree temps! But Joan sent me her latest game that exercises the brain. Go here to try the Apple Game. I can regularly get 85 or better now. Let me know how you do.
Sarah has taken up crocheting lately. Every time we see her now she has yarn with her. She has all of us scrambling for Michaels' coupons or yarn sales. She's made 2 afghans, a cell phone holder and this adorable teapot cozy. She rarely uses patterns. Sarah has also been trying felting. Anyone else into felting? Do you have any tips?
Sarah had some leftover yarn, so in a few minutes she whipped up a cute little top for my teapot. She sure is having fun.
A little while ago, I bought this Teen Bible in the thrift shop for 10 cents. I was curious about it but didn't have the time to look through it in the store. For some reason the cover offends me. I don't like the part of our culture that makes everything teen related to be "radical" or "extreme." I have children who are "traditional," and I like that. Yes, they love the Lord, but I wouldn't use the first terms to describe them.
Anyhow, this Bible is the NKJV, and is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. I have to admit, I really like it. I enjoy all the little commentary info that is abundant on every page. I think I would have enjoyed Bible reading more if I had had this as a teen.

My Dad made it home from Texas yesterday. He paid $2.39 a gallon for gas in Corpus Christi. Our lowest price here is $2.65.

Maggie and Mike are up at Walter Reed for her final appointments before going to Johns Hopkins. We appreciate your prayers. She is in constant pain again.

Today I read Micah 7:18 and 19. " Who is a God unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity?...He retaineth not his anger forever, because he delighteth in mercy. ...He will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."

Isn't our God great? Not only does he forgive us our sins, but he forgets them. One of my favorite songs by the Old Fashion Revival Quartet says, " the sea of God's forgetfulness that's good enough for me, praise God, my sins are gone.!"

We're off to violin lessons. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

I just learned to crochet last month! Still a rookie, but I'm getting there. I'll probably run into your daughter one day at Michael's! Ha!