Friday, October 17, 2008

This has been another busy week. We finally took the time on Thursday to go to Hog Point after we got our allergy shots. Even Sarah came with us, which is a rarity. If you look on the bridge, you can see Maggie.
We had lots of fun skipping rocks. Children have probably been skipping rocks for 200 years but it is still fun.
We always see wildlife at Hog Point. Today we saw this beautiful swan. Her babies (cygnets) are tucked under her wings.
As we were leaving, we watched this jet taxi in front of us. We still get such awe from seeing these huge machines.
Tonight, Mike and I had a Navy party to go to. We rarely go to Navy functions anymore, so this was a fun evening for us. This picture shows Solomons Island as we are going over the Patuxent River bridge into Calvert County.
Our friend, Johnny O, hosted the event here at his home. His home is as beautiful inside as outside.
The main feature of this event is Johnny O's new pizza oven. Johnny bought 50 dough balls from Nicks of Prince Frederick. Several guys (including hubby Mike) took turns making pizza.
The pizzas were made nonstop from the time we arrived until right before we left. This is the assembly table. Toppings included fresh mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil leaves, anchovies, greek olives, carmelized onions, assorted peppers, pepperoni, roasted peppers, pesto, pineapple, ham, and fresh mushrooms. The smells were wonderful!
There is a fire to the left of the oven that kept burning all night. From time to time Johnny would add a small log. He had an infrared thermometer that he would point at the fire. The temps ranged from 815 to 919. Hot!
Every once in a while, some cheese would burn onto the stove, so Johnny would push some embers onto it and let it burn for a minute. Then it would scrape off easily.
It was a drizzly evening, but no one seemed to mind. A bunch of us had fun talking under the large umbrella. Johnny also had some sort of heater thing that kept us warm. (Temps were in the 60s.) I got to meet a like-minded couple, so the time flew as we talked. (Turns out that my Mom teaches piano to their daughter.)

So we had a nice ending to a busy week. We came home to find our children playing Monopoly. We are very thankful for the little bit of rain/drizzle that we got today. Our weather has been dry for several weeks.

Dad is on his way home from Texas, so I will try to call him tonight to keep him awake for a few minutes.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Your timestamps indicate LOTS of time passed since your last post :-)