Monday, October 27, 2008

It took 3 coats, but my chimney is now white! I like it more than I thought I would. Perfect! Above shows the before...and here's the after picture. Ready for trim, then flooring. Can hardly wait!
Last night after evening services, we went down to the gym for a surprise party for Terri. It was a lot of fun.
There were two cakes, chocolate and vanilla. Yummy! Terri is one of those women who do a lot of serving behind the scenes, so she rarely gets recognized for all that she does. But we sure do appreciate her! Thanks, Terri.
This weekend Lizzie was looking for her duck and found her under the porch...laying on a nest of eggs!
Fifteen eggs! Wowee! Since we weren't sure how long they'd been there, we put them in the compost pile. Any eggs that we get now will be fresh. Too bad most of us are allergic to eggs. Since the two ducks that got eaten by the fox were drakes, these are unfertilized eggs. For some reason, I am the only one around here saying, "This is a good thing!"Allen and Lizzie were so glad to catch JJ to give her some love.
Lizzie said she was only able to catch JJ as the duck was flying away...she grabbed onto the duck's feet! Wish I could've seen it.
This is the story of The Three Happy Hunters. Pictures by Lizzie. There once were three Happy Hunters who went hunting with their Pastor's muzzleloader.
Boy were they ever excited! They waited, and waited, and waited!
Five minutes later, one of the Happy Hunters was out cold from boredom! I always did wonder what happens on those hunting trips. It started to rain very hard, so the Happy Hunters' Momma picked them up in the van and took them home to their warm, dry home. The end.
I've been trying to find cheap recipes to make. This weekend I made my own version of Cream of Green Pea Soup. I used 1 lb of split green peas, cooked them til soft, blended them with my handheld blender, added 3 tblp instant potato flakes, thinned with a little ricemilk, then ate. Yummy! I figure each serving cost 11 cents. Not bad!
We've invited a few families over for a bonfire on Friday evening, so we are watching the weather closely. Looks like a far.

Maggie says she is starting to feel better. She thinks the accupuncture treatment may be working. Unfortunately she only gets them once every two weeks (recommended for once a week, but there just are no openings available).
I can hardly wait to see the twinkle return to Maggie's eyes.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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