Sunday, September 7, 2008

We are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon. This is Mike teaching our youngest children the facts about fractions. (Actually, it's a brushup for the older 3.) If you are looking for good Math drill sheets, go to I have been using these worksheets for a few years now and have been very pleased. The best part is that they are FREE!For those of you who enjoy free computer games that benefit your brain, I've added a new game to the list. My first game is called Free Rice. My second game is called the Sheep Game.

The third game is called Flash Fabrica. Let me explain about this game. This game is written in Japanese, but the rules are simple. Click on Start. In 3 seconds, you will see numbers that pop up. You need to remember the numbers. When the numbers disappear, you need to click on the empty circles in the order of least to greatest. At the end of 10 of these little games, a number will appear that represents the chronological age that your brain represents.

This game is truly a great exercise for your brain. The first 100 times I played, I always got the first 5 games correct, but missed the sixth. My "brain age" was 26. Now I can get my brain age down to 20. I even got it to 18 once!

When I say that these are my games...I had nothing to do with designing them. They are just my favorites that were given to me by my friends. (Obviously, they felt the need to send them to me!)

Have a restful Sunday. Hanna is a long-forgotten we are eyeing Hurricane Ike. Keeps us on our knees!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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