Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today was our day to help Grandaddy cook dinner for his church. We took this picture of Ruthie because she was singing while listening to her mp3 player (she's wearing earplugs). She was in her own little world.

Last week, Dad drove to North Carolina to pick up his new smoker/cooker. We used it to cook the meal tonight. Works like a charm! This is my brother, Simba, and my Uncle Norm. First they cooked lots of chicken, then they kept the chicken warm in the foil bins while they cooked hot dogs, hamburgers and 2 London Broils. The London Broils were only for experiment...but they ended up being my favorite. Everything was perfectly cooked!
The fruit was exceptional this week. So was the corn. This is the last time we will have fresh corn available. Autumn is here.
Anna always makes the 3 dozen deviled eggs.
Allen takes Tang Soo Do classes with a local master instructor here in Loveville. We are very pleased for him to have this opportunity. Tang Soo Do (pronounced tung sue doe) is perfect for Allen's personality and character. We are praying that he can use this as a ministry opportunity when he is older. When I worked at a summer camp, we had many karate-style evangelists come and demonstrate their abilities while sharing the gospel.

I enjoy taking Allen to these lessons twice a week. On the way, he always tells me how much he is looking forward to class. On the way home, he always thanks me profusely for allowing him to take the class. What a win-win!
Anyhow, I am showing you these pictures because Allen was chosen to wear this medal this week because of his enthusiasm. What a happy fellow he is! While we were taking a break from cooking with Grandad, Allen showed us his form (his routine). We are impressed!
Anna has been sooo busy in the sewing room. We hardly see her anymore! Anna got this idea from a friend at church. Sandy says this block is called Crazy Quilt, but I have spent more than an hour looking for this pattern. If you have seen this pattern, please let me know where to find it!
Somehow when Sandy explained to us how she made it, Anna understood and came home and made her own. I was impressed that the back looked as neat as the front! I asked Anna why she used black thread and she explained that she was just "messing around and experimenting" so she didn't want to take the time to change the thread. Now she wishes she had!
Last night (after working all day at church!) Anna came home and used that same pattern to make these nine blocks. Aren't they beautiful! Such a crazy idea...but it works!

Maggie and I woke up early and found deer in our field. Our amish friends told us they'd be by this week to get written permission to hunt on our property. It should be a good season for them.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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