Friday, September 5, 2008

All eyes on Hanna

My Dad has been so concerned about his waterfront home in Virginia, that he forgot he should be concerned for his home on the coast in Hilton Head, South Carolina! Yesterday he got a phonecall from his Homeowner's Association in HH to let him know they are prepared for the storm. He caught Dad by surprise! (I'm glad we can't afford a bunch of waterfront homes ~ too nerve wracking!)

As of this morning, TS Hanna is maintaining 73 mph winds...just 2 mph shy of hurricane status. Since this storm is expected to come up the coast, my children and I will be tying down the trampoline and bringing everything indoors.
Our family is keeping a close eye on Hanna because we were planning to go to the Outlaw Days over on the Eastern Shore on Saturday. But Saturday looks like it's gonna be a washout!
It's hard to find western-themed family events here in Maryland, so this is a real treat! I tried to get a picture of the covered wagon but it just wouldn't copy. (I wonder if there are any eastern-themed events on the west coast?!)
Lizzie is excited because there will be Pasofino horses there. For some reason, Lizzie likes this breed best which are known for their natural gait. There will be all kinds of horse racing and showing, as well as cowboy shooting events. There will also be shows. My favorite will be the re-enactment of the shooting at the famous OK Corral. That should be fun!
Hopefully this won't turn into a mudhole for Sunday's events!
This is a picture of the Tuckahoe Actors Guild. They have wonderful names like Eliza Jane, Six Gun Sue, Alotta Trouble, and Buffalo Chip. You gotta love 'em!

I'm thankful today is Friday. This has been a good but long back-to-school week. One good thing about the impending storm...we certainly need the rain. Our ground is very dry.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Hi Kathie ~ thankfully I made it safely to and from Richmond today for a doctor's appt for my aunt. We thought she had dislocated her hip! PTL, it was okay but very painful. Thank you for your prayers during this difficult time.

My husband had to report to Elizabeth City, NC, first thing this morning to work the storm outages. We miss him here esp when his support is needed so badly. Hopefully, in a few days he will return none the worse for the wear and tear!

Thanks for your response to my book question. I hope you can pick up some very useful pointers and ideas.

I wish y'all the best weathering the storm!

Susan said...


Does your Dad ever rent out his house in Hilton Head? The best family vacation we ever had was when we went to HH for a week. Riding bikes on the beach was the best!