Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today, Anna and I dropped Allen off for class, then headed out for some quick antiquing. We hoped to go to Pat's Corner Store, which is only a few miles from home, but they are only closed on Tuesdays. So we went instead to the Loveville Antique Collectible and Thrift Shop. While we enjoyed ourselves, there wasn't much to look at in the way of actual antiques.
Then we decided to head on down to Leonardtown to the Maryland Antiques Center. This is like an antiques mall with lots of different vendors. My purpose in going was to find a cast iron pan. (I already have one of these pans, but my recipe fills two pans, and it saves on electricity to cook two pans at once.) We only saw 4 cast iron items, but not my pan.
This was my favorite room with the yelloware bowls and kitchenware.
Anna enjoyed these three fat cat plates.

The Maryland Antiques Center has a tea room on the end of the building called The Tea Room. This is the place to take your daughters. Be sure to dress up in your Sunday best, including a fancy hat and gloves. I haven't visited this tea room in more than 10 years, so I can't tell you if it's expensive or not.
Afterwards, Anna and I headed next door to the Old Towne Crafters. Everything in this store is handmade. Pottery, knitting, quilting, woodcrafts, etc. I'll show you a few things we saw that we thought were cute or different.
This little girl's dress made with a hand towel is adorable! They come in several different colors and fabrics.
Know anyone who is building a deck? This would be a nice project to use up the scraps.How about this adorable baby's cake that is made with little boy towels, washcloths, bibs, pjs, toys, etc. What a unique gift idea!

Not a bad trip for an hour! The best part was when we picked up Allen and came home. A huge pot of chili was simmering on the stove, all ready to eat.

Mike, Allen, Lizzie and Ruthie went off to pick up the last of our free firewood. Maggie, Anna, Sarah and I are sitting here catching up on all the news of the day.

Anna has been fretting about singing by herself at voice lessons. I like her teacher's advice: God didn't give you your voice for you to enjoy, but rather as a gift to share with others. Amen! But it still isn't easy for Anna. Too much like her Mom.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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