Monday, September 1, 2008

This was a fun Labor Day weekend for us. We had our picnic on Saturday. The weather was wonderful, not too muggy.
The children came and headed straight for the pool. This is Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gene, our lifeguards. They are the friendliest lifeguards I know!
Maggie enjoyed the hammock.
After swimming, the children enjoyed riding on the moving toys. I bet they slept well that night!
When it got dark, the children headed down to the basement to play wii and tablegames.
Since my tablecloth had ants on it, I added this metal ant as the centerpiece. He was a real hit.
While the children played downstairs, we older folks enjoyed a violin performance by Ruthie and Lizzie's teacher, Adina, and her hubby, Bernard. What a treat!
Lizzie was honored to play along with Bernard. Ruthie played too...but I couldn't find any pictures of her.
Afterwards, we went outside and enjoyed swimming in the pool. The water temperature was just above 80. Not bad considering our nighttime temps in the 60s. Even this next week with the 90 degree days, our nighttime temps are still supposed to be in the 60s.
Anna has been keeping busy in the sewing room. This is her finished baby quilt. Sure looks nice. This is her second quilt this summer.
Today Ruthie and Lizzie are enjoying horse rides a la barrel. Don't worry, as soon as I saw this picture I had Ruthie put on a helmet. Sure looks like fun!

Today we are doing odds and ends chores around the house. Mike is replacing a post on our porch. The bottom had rotted out of a treated 4x4! According to my brother who is a builder, that is not unusual. Yikes! Now we need to check the rest of the posts.

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day also. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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