Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So you're wondering how Maggie's Bootcamp for Ducks is going? What do you think? At least he's not on her car!
Someone asked us what muscovies look like when they fly. This is the best picture we could get. I enjoy seeing these big ducks flying past our windows. More than once they've underestimated their takeoff and bumped into the gutter, just short of the roof.
For you local folks, the Super Walmart has white peaches and white nectarines on sale for $.99/lb!! I bought 12 lbs yesterday and today more than half are gone. But they sure are delicious!Maggie is going a little stir crazy these days with not being able to use her hands and arms. Arms....did I say arms?!
Darling Maggie tied two ping pong paddles to her arms so she could play ping pong with Anna. She was really good at it too! Actually, she started out with the paddle between her teeth, but she didn't want to hurt her jaw. So if you're wondering why there are teeth marks on our you know. We learned that Golden Grahams cereal no longer contains milk. Hurray! So we did our part and bought a huge box. That was our dinner for tonight. They were as good as we remembered. As a rule, our family doesn't eat cereal that has more than 6g of sugars, but we decided to break our rule to celebrate. We are very thank for FAAN and the work that they do to inform manufacturers as well as folks about food allergies. I know how much easier our lives have gotten with so many choices of nondairy foods.

Hurricane Ike is heading straight for Texas. I will be glad when this hurricane season is over! Our little church down in Corpus Christi is in a very low area, so we are praying for their safety. Today, Dad's friend, Randy, installed all the hurricane shutters on Dad's home on North Padre Island. The shutters to cover the door aren't long enough. Yikes! Dad told Randy to go ahead and nail up some boards or whatever he could find to cover the doorway. Now it's up to our prayers. Ike is expected to land Saturday morning.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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