Monday, March 10, 2008

Where did the weekend go?! Sure went fast! We started off with Lizzie's piano recital on Saturday. It was nice seeing old friends and hearing all the pianists. I didn't realize this was an adjudicated event. That always adds a bit of nervousness and excitement!
We came home and did a bunch of chores, then played Dutch Bliss and Rumikub for the rest of the afternoon. Maggie can't handle the cards with her crippled hands, so she teamed up with Ruthie. They make a killer team!
That evening we made sourdough doughnuts. Even though my children loved them, I think my regular whole wheat doughnuts are better. The above picture shows the doughnuts drying after dipping them in glaze.
Of course, if you're gonna blow it nutritionally, might as well go the whole way! Maggie made some chocolate fudge icing that Anna piped on. They were delicious. Everyone fixed their doughnut the way they liked it. I rarely get out my fryer, usually just once or twice a year...I just hate the cleanup part! And my doughnuts taste almost as good when baked. The best part is that I measured the oil both before and after frying, and there was no measurable amount of oil absorbed by the doughnuts. Wonderful! (I attribute this to the fryer which keeps the oil cooking steadily hot without overheating.)

Last night at church we had a farewell reception for a family at church. Afterwards we played badminton until 9:30 pm. It was so much fun! Every time I go to the thrift shop I buy any rackets that I find. I probably have 25 rackets and 20 birdies. We don't use a net, we just team up and start whacking the birdies. So much fun!

I hope you had a good weekend. Yesterday on the way home from church, we were slowed down by a terrible accident. Reminded me that we never know when the course of life is going to drastically change from one moment to the next.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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