Thursday, March 20, 2008

How do I love spring? Let me count the ways!

Maggie took my camera around the yard and took some pictures of my spring blossoms. I enjoy spring so much! The only thing I miss about living in a neighborhood are the colorful pear trees, forsythia and weeping cherry trees.
My peach orchard looks wimpy after the drought. I think we may have lost a few. But they sure are pink!
And here's my little forsythia that I saved from the dumpster. Finally starting to show hope.
Today was our big day to have the XYZers over for lunch. I almost forgot to take a picture. Here they are having dessert. We sat 24 people comfortably. Our music program was really skimpy thanks to allergies, but no one seemed to mind. (XYZ stands for Xtra Years of Zest.)Have you ever seen that I Love Lucy show where Lucy and Ethel get a job in the candy factory while Ricky and Fred stay home to be housewives? Ricky makes a pot of rice but doesn't read the directions. The rice just keeps growing and growing...well, last night I made three batches of sourdough dough and put them in my large 2-gallon stoneware bowl to rise overnight in the refrigerator. I kept dreaming of waking up to find dough seeping out my refrigerator. Here's how high it did rise. (This is right before I punched it down before forming into rolls). My sourdough rolls were a big hit. I forgot to take a picture of the risen rolls, but they rose and completely filled in the dishes. But I noticed a few people chose to eat two rolls and no dessert. Such will power!

We're leaving for Texas at 9 am tomorrow morning. I did 8 loads of dishwashers today. Am I ever thankful that I have two dishwashers! The dishes have been put away, the tablecloths are washed and pegged outside, and the large platters are in the pantry. I'll be offline for at least 2 days while we drive to Texas. Takes 28 hours. I am reminded of the years that Mike went away on sea duty for 6 months, only now I'm the one going!

Enjoy your weekend. We are strongly aware of all our praying friends and family. Gives us much comfort. To God be the glory.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Kathie ~ You may not get a chance to read this before you leave, but please be safe! We'll miss you while you're offline.

Looks like the XYZers had a fun time at your house; I know you made them feel special.