Friday, March 7, 2008

Pianos and Quilts ~ a winning combination!

Two of my favorite hobbies are music and quilts. I cannot say that I am passionate about these hobbies, because I'm not. But I do enjoy them immensely. I also enjoy collecting pictures or patterns of music-themed quilts so I was tickled when I found this quilting book at the thrift shop for ten cents! I had been eyeing this book (above picture) for 2 years!

This kit (about 18x22") is for sale in many online stores. It looks weird to me. I like the full-size piano in the first picture. These smaller kits are made with 2" squares ~ lots of sewing! So every once in a while I google "piano+quilt" or something similiar, to see what's new out there. This morning I found this quilt block online for $9.99 plus shipping. This block would be wonderful in a black and white quilt.Here's another black and white music quilt I found. This quilt was made by Judy Lume who custom makes quilts in Belize. I am a symetrical-type person who rarely thinks "out of the box," so I don't enjoy this quilt. I found this piano quilt online on a photo share website. I wish you could see a closeup of the border. It looks like pebbles from a distance, but it is actually this fabric of an orchestra:
I don't know why I enjoy themed fabrics so much!
I was given this Piano Log Cabin pattern a few years ago by my neighbor. I hope to make this quilt (probably wallhanging size) without the red rose on it (hard to see but it's there).
This music quilt is sold online at Connie's Corner. The big white squares are for you to scan photos to make a memory quilt. Clever idea!

There is a border that goes around a quilt that is called Piano Keys Border. You can find directions here on Howstuffworks. I think this border completes a quilt nicely. Here are two examples:
The above quilt top sold recently on eBay for about $50. The quilt below also sold on eBay a few years ago. It was a charity quilt that sold for almost $3000.Have a wonderful weekend. We are expecting rain and wind. Normally I would say, Hurray! Time to hunker down and quilt! But Lizzie has a piano recital. The good thing is that our recitals are like a family reunion ~ we see lots of friends and old aquaintances.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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