Saturday, March 15, 2008

Charlotte Hall Farmer's Market

This morning we drove up to the farmer's market to see if we could get some fresh strawberries. We bought one flat. They were good for early season but not very sweet.

And looky what we bought for $5! It was very sweet. I was absolutely floored! I expected a bland watermelon, but this one was good. I wish I had bought two.
The girls and I had fun walking around looking at the many different vendors.
It was a sunny day, got up to 65, but the breeze made it seem cooler.
The amish did a lot of business today selling many different animals ~ goats, ducks, chickens, puppies, bunnies, wild turkeys, guinea pigs, pigeons, and pheasants.
There was one man there selling rottweilers and he made me very nervous. The rottweiler got very excited when another dog walked by. The last time I saw this dog, the owner had a huge collar on him that was chained to the truck with a substantial chain. Today he was holding him (or trying to) by a thick leash. Still gave me the chills!
This marketplace used to be mostly amish run, but a few years ago most of them left to start their own marketplace. It does a huge business. According to the agricultural section of the newspaper, six families earned $845,000 in income last year! As you can imagine, this year there are twice as many farmers selling.
We try to avoid the one covered pavillion where the felt Elvis pictures and Beanie Babies are sold. A few years ago I bought my lilac bushes there for $15/plant. The same plants were being sold in Walmart for $55/plant. So there are good deals as well as shoofly pie.

The Charlotte Hall farmer's market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays all year, weather permitting. However, only half of the vendors are there on Wednesday, and no animals. Just one word of caution, the restrooms are terrible. Take your children to the restrooms at one of the nearby fast food restaurants before you go. See you there this summer!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

Ya know, I work JUST up the road off of Golden Beach Rd, and I hardly ever take advantage of the Wednesday market day, how sad is that! Yet there is nothing like farm fresh produce! Your pictures are tempting me to go some week on my lunch break! That watermelon looked delicious!