Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Today my children and I have been downloading and watching some short video clips on If you have a son who is a man's man like my son, then these are the videos for you! The above video is titled, "Fort Eagle: Grey Tree Fort." This video is titled, "Compound Bow." These videos are made by children. But these children are well-spoken, articulate children which makes the videos a real pleasure to watch, even for Mom who only has about 40% of her hearing.
This video was a real winner in our home. It is titled, "How to Skin a Dove." It takes us about 10 minutes to download each video. (Now my brother Floyd will write and say it only took him 6 seconds thanks to DSL, hee hee. Well I beat you to it!) No sibling rivalry here! :-)
This little guy narrated a video called, "Chainsaws and Skidders." There are also some girl videos, but mostly boy videos. But my daughters enjoyed all of them.

Mike comes home tomorrow night after spending two weeks in sunny California, so we are busy cleaning and scrubbing. We have been watching wildlife do their annual, "We Survived Hunting Season" dance. We saw a pack of wild turkeys (pack? flock? herd? I don't know, will look it up), and many deer. The deer keep grazing near my garden plot, so there may be a battle soon. (Added later: I googled "gaggle+of+turkeys" and found out that a bunch of turkeys is called a rafter. Never heard of it! I actually took a picture of our rafter of turkeys, but they blended into the forest so well that they are barely discernable, so here's a picture from DNR. I learn something new everyday!) Have a good weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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mhcowen said...

Once again I love reading your blog. Life is so different here in So Cal and I wish that some day the Lord would call us to a location similar to where you live. I love invisioning myself raising my family with "a back 40" and allowing them to experience life in the great outdoors...and still be home! Thank you for sharing!