Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The pond in front of my parents' home is frozen over! That is a big event around here.
But before you get your iceskates on...we need two more days of this bitter cold...and the weatherman is calling for 48 degrees starting on Thursday.
But the nighttime temps should remain in the 20s, so we'll see how much thicker the ice gets.
My darling hubby is 57 years old today. Happy Birthday, Mike. Mike accidently opened his gift yesterday (he thought it was the usual mail), so it was nice that his friends, Chris and Ellen from Georgia, sent him this fun gift.
Chris is on the same level as Mike and Allen when it comes to fun toys. The name of this is Everything Flies Colossal book and kit. Wow! You should've seen Mike's face light up! Thanks, Chris and Ellen. He loves it!
I gave Mike this trammel that I bought off eBay. Do you know what that is for? We will use it for cooking over a fire...both in our fireplace and outside. It hangs on the crane.
Lizzie made Mike's favorite birthday cake...sourdough carrot. Yummy! It was delicious and looked pretty.
Today I bought two books at the thrift shop that I've already enjoyed browsing through. Both have excellent pictures. The first is Popcorn Cookery by Larry Kusche. The first two recipes to try are French Herb Butter and Root Beer Crunch. Lots of different recipes. This is a thick cookbook (160 pages) with 200+ recipes.
My second paperback is Pioneers in Petticoats by Shirley Sargent. Fascinating history and pictures. This is one of those slow reads that you spend most of your time poring over the pictures.
Yestday we received two invitations in the mail. One is for a last-minute surprise birthday party for a church friend.
The second invitation is for another church friends' annual tea party. This will be our 4th year. We happily accepted both invites.

Today was another busy day but thankfully it is over. Mike took Maggie to Walter Reed for her biweekly accupuncture. I stayed home and helped Ruthie get a lot of school work accomplished, then took Allen to Tang Soo Do. But before I left, I pre-ordered a pizza online from Papa Johns to pick up after class. I love online ordering! Mike came home in time to take Anna to voice lesson.

I have enjoyed listening to David Jeremiah on the radio. He preached a sermon this week on New Years Resolutions and the sin of Procrastination. He said, "Procrastination robs you of opportunities of success as well as opportunities to serve." I have been meditating on that thought ever since.

Now we are all resting and enjoying the peace and quiet...but not for long. Our family has special music on Sunday and it looks like five of us will be singing. Time to practice!

Keep warm. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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A Joyful Chaos said...

I also have to check out the cookbooks when ever I get to a thrift store. I have no hope of ever using all the recipes I have collected. It's kind of a hobby I suppose. No wonder I have a struggle losing weight. Maybe if I had a different collection like say bathroom scales I might be more successful in getting those pounds off.

There was enough cold weather here in southern MO that the young people actually got to go ice skating. I stayed indoors where it was warmer rather than willingly be outside in the cold and risking breaking a leg or something. Klutz that I am I probably would have.

We only sang at church as a family once. Kind of nerve wracking to get up in front of 300+ people to sing. Sometimes I think it would be easier if you wouldn't know everyone.

Your husbands birthday gift of paper planes looks very interesting. We also still like gifts that are just for fun.

Enjoyed your post, but I'll shut up now before I write enough to qualify as a blog post.