Monday, January 4, 2010

This past December when we had the old folks from church over for dinner, I got to use my new red napkins. These napkins are actually red checkered tea towels that I bought at the dollar store. I was able to buy 28 of them! Everyone agreed that they don't look like tea towels.
For some reason, we waited until a few minutes before everyone came to put the napkins out. Then we couldn't figure out how to fold them because of their larger-than-usual size...24" square. So Maggie ran upstairs and googled napkin folding. She came downstairs and gave us a quick demo on the two styles she chose. No wonder her hands hurt her that night! The above style is the tulip favorite.
The second style is the fan style...very easy. If you'd like to try napkin folding, try this website here. I actually liked another website better...but there is an unavoidable picture of an immodest woman on it, so stick to the modest website. But do try's fun! I found this pic of Mike with Lizzie and Anna that was taken in Florida this summer. They are at the Veteran's Home where Anna and Lizzie performed for a half hour...singing and playing the piano. They enjoyed it immensely. This pic looks good while we are having highs in the low 30s with nighttime temps in the teens. Mike and the girls are standing next to our friend, Larry's, Chap mobile. Larry, the head chaplain at the home, was our pastor when we lived in San Diego, CA.
I have been wanting to add oatstraw to our diet to help with calcium and magnesium, so I ordered it from Bulk Herb Store. I will soak 2 tsp of oatstraw to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Since I don't like herbal teas, I will also add some raspberry leaf tea for flavor. Today when I was researching oatstraw, I learned that you drink the tea once a day for 10 days...then take a break for 5 days. Otherwise your body grows immune to the effect...just like echinachea. Glad I learned that!

I also learned that on the nights when you are high-strung and can't sleep, you can steep some oatstraw in your bathwater and feel the calming effect. Can't wait to try that!

I got an email today from a new friend who is a sister in the Lord. Her blog is called Joyful Chaos. Get a cup of hot tea and enjoy reading about her life.

Keep warm, keep healthy, and make sure you get your 10 minutes of sunshine. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

I love the folded napkins! They look so cute and really dress up the table. Looks like I have the same plates as you.
Thanks for sharing these great photos.