Friday, January 8, 2010

Today Ruthie and Sarah went to our friend Tracey's home for the afternoon. So far it is 8 pm and they are still there. I guess they're having fun! I wonder what they're eating...Sarah called and asked if potassium lactate is dairy. I assured her it isn't. I'll let you know tomorrow what they ate. Added later: They finally made it home at 10:30 pm smiling and laughing. They ate pigs in a blanket for dinner.
Today we got just a little over two inches of snow, so my children made me my very own Redneck Snowplow. I love it!
What kind of cookies do cowgirls make for Christmas? My children had a lot of fun painting cookies this year. All I can think of is the food dyes...yuck!
This is Lizzie's cookie of a cowgirl roping a longhorn steer. We ate it before it got painted.
Allen is still trying to make a perfect bomb. The liquid is vinegar, the white powder is baking soda. When he goes outside, he unscrews the top so that the baking soda drops down into the vinegar, then rescrews the top back on. He shakes it violently for 5 seconds and then throws it. Most of the time the explosion occurs on impact, sometimes midair, and sometimes while he's still holding it. I am the only Mom with a vinegar porch.
I bought this book at the thrift shop and stayed up til 2 am reading it. It is the story of the kidnapping of Gracia and Martin Burnham. They were missionaries in the Philippines when they were taken hostage. After a year or so they were rescued by soldiers. Martin was released to heaven, Gracia was released to come home to their three children. Well written. If you get a chance, read it.

Yesterday was busy. Maggie had 2 appts, then came home to teach piano. Tracey and her children came over to visit while Tracey sewed a beautiful dress for Brianna. Then off to take Allen to Tang Soo Do. After that I drove Maggie and Anna to Calvert County for a fun game night with some friends. They had a wonderful time.

I finally have Anna's camera with its 750 pics. I'm going to download my favorites and share them with you soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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A Joyful Chaos said...

So how well does your 'snow plow' work? Gave me a chuckle when I saw it, looks like something my brothers would have rigged up.

Your cookies turned out interesting. It's fun to watch those creative minds at work and see what they come up with.