Saturday, January 16, 2010

Look what came in my mailbox today! My friend, Deb, over at Mountain Musings, had a surprise giveaway to celebrate her 5 years of blogging. I was one of three winners. This mason jar has antique wood spools...just perfect for my sewing room! Deb bought this at Rockfish Gap Country Store in Afton, VA. The jar ensemble was crafted by Char Culbertson, one of the sellers at the store. Take a minute and browse through the store online. I enjoyed looking at the antiques and quilts sections. Thanks so much, Deb!
This week I went to a surprise birthday tea with three of my daughters. As soon as I get pictures from a friend, I will share a few with you. Meanwhile, two of my pics turned out. Was Jenna surprised? You betcha!

These roses are a gift to Jenna from her father. I like it that Jenna will always be able to say, "My father gave me my first dozen roses." Jenna's father bought another dozen roses for the Moms and daughters at the tea. How thoughtful was that?!

My camera didn't do well with the lighting, so I will wait for Sonya's pics. The tea party featured cucumber sandwiches, grapes, and scones with cream. Yummy! The tea was delicious too.
Thursday Maggie had 3 long appts. While I was waiting during one of the appts, I had fun watching these two crows...or are they blackbirds? All three of us were soaking up the 60 degree weather.
It's finally time to put away my Christmas tablecloth but first I want to show you the table runner Anna made. She used 7 natural on natural prints. She also topstitched each strip to give it sturdiness. Both ends are pointed. I sure enjoyed using it. I kept it underneath my clear, plastic tablecloth that I use everyday to protect my fabric tablecloths. Sure cuts down on laundry! (And my Christmas cactus bloomed for Christmas!)
Lizzie also made me a set of table runners. The long runner I keep on my coffee table (used as a sofa table during the winter to protect it from the fireplace).
Lizzie also made me this cute runner. I just love having homemade treasures throughout my home!
This winter I will be retiring two of my homemade quilts. Twenty-four years ago I made two quilt tops like this. One of them I quilted, and it has been a favorite of all my children. I have mended it so many times that I will probably give it to the dog soon. I guess it's time to quilt the second top.
This once-vibrant quilt is also showing its age. I spent many hours handstitching this quilt while my hubby was on a "Westpac" (Western Pacific) cruise as an active duty naval officer. This was my second quilting attempt. But the muslin keeps shredding and now I found a hole. At least I can enjoy knowing how much we use my quilts.
This quilt will hopefully get one more season after I mend it. The backing on this quilt is denim...and it is heavy! Everyone loves this quilt. I call it a memory quilt because all of the fabrics are from my sewing scraps. So far all of the mending has been at the seams but I see a few spots that are fading away.

My three brothers surprised my Dad this week by flying down to Texas! Mom and Dad went to their favorite restaurant, and when they got out of the car the boys were there. Wish I could've seen Dad's face! He was ecstatic when he called me to let me know. Two of my brothers had never been to our beloved North Padre Island Texas home, so I am happy for them.

Our two days of warm weather are over. I enjoyed pegging my laundry outside. Just a taste of spring, now back to reality. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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