Monday, January 18, 2010

For years I have been wanting a bedside carafe and tumbler set to keep on my nightstand. I was given one as a wedding present...but it broke in half during my first earthquake in San Francisco. (It took one minute for me to learn about glass and earthquakes!) So this past December when I was Christmas shopping in Ross, I found a set that I absolutely love!

You can buy this set on Amazon for $21.84 + $6.08 shipping, or pay $5 at Ross!

This picture shows you how the tumbler fits into the pitcher. I hope you can see the beautiful etching, too. My children were surprised that I bought this...I tend to be a stoneware gal, but my bedroom is shabby chic...just perfect for this set.
Anyhow, I wish I had bought two sets now that we are suffering from headcolds. My family knows I fill the pitcher every night with ice water...and my bedroom is closer than the kitchen! But I am only willing to pay another $5 for the set.

While trying to find a picture of this set online, I googled many different phrases and came up with entirely different results each time:

Well, I don't want to do a whole post on my new pitcher, so let me tell you about some new tea I bought today and love! I always like Bigelow teas because they individually wrap each teabag. And every year they come out with new flavors. But this Chamomile Mango may win over Bigelow's Country Peach for being my favorite tea. Yummy!

Since Bigelow teas can be hard to find, I want to let you know that I bought this at the local Giant foodstore.

My family is almost over their headcolds but I continue to be congested. Nothing seems to work but I will continue drinking lots of fluids. I keep wondering if I accidently ate eggs or dairy...which would explain my congestion.

For those of you who go to my church, please take the time to write Mrs. Jane as she approaches the end of her second year without Mr. Joe (on the 30th). I know she would appreciate it.

Stay warm and healthy. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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