Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We had an enjoyable weekend this past Memorial Day. On Monday, we went to my parents' home for a picnic. It was a warm day, so most of the children swam in the pool while the rest of us stayed inside with air conditioning.

Maggie and Lizzie spent a lot of time this past week making homemade ice cream using goat milk and coconut milk. For the picnic they made several pies that were delicious (strawberry, blueberry and peach). Yummy!

We had a wonderful time laughing and catching up on family news. Of course, it's nice to have a 2-year-old entertainer. Darling Abigail turns two next week!
What a fun time. Our picnic was basic...hotdogs, hamburgers, sausage, potato salad, slaw, beans, and lots of iced tea. Delicious!
Last Wednesday evening, our family went to the Navy base for the Marine Corps Silent Drill. It was sad that we had to be scanned for handguns before being admitted.
Then we were shuttled across the base to the event. This was a good idea and helped make parking a breeze. When was the last time you were on a school bus?!
This is the Marine Corps band. The program consisted of 3 award-winning high school silent drill teams, then the Marines. Between the drills, the band played. It was pretty humid out, so I was amazed that the instruments were able to stay in tune.
This is one of the high school drill teams. Very impressive.
The high schoolers were good, but when those marines came out...wow! Talk about precision! Immediately everyone got quiet and became attentive.
Obviously, it's hard to see all the tossing and twirling of the guns.
There were about a thousand people who came to watch. We spread out a quilt for a picnic. I love picnics!
A friend of mine gave me some ornamental basil. I am waiting for this current heat wave to pass so I can plant it. Thanks, Sharon!

Life has been busy these past weeks, especially this last week. I am having a hard time keeping up with housework. I keep praying that I will prioritize wisely. In Ephesians 5:15 and 16, Paul tells us to walk wisely, redeeming the time because the days are evil. I wish he had been more specific!

Socrates is an oft-quoted philosopher who made some profound statements. One that I have been thinking about is, "Beware the barrenness of a busy life." Oh how true!

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Here to Serve Him... said...


I all too well understand the struggle of "busyness"... A little over a year ago we felt the Lord calling us to lay down many of our outside activities so that we could experience Him in a fuller, deeper way. This meant the end to activities that were held dear to the hearts of those in our home... At the same time we've saved much money in gas, found joy in simple time as a family, learned the blessing of slowing down and truly embracing life and we see Jesus as our focus rather than a mere past time. We are still attempting to find that "fine line" that Paul failed to be more descriptive on!?! :o} We don't want to deprive our girls of any and all opportunities yet it seems one thing leads to another and before one knows it, life is busy, chaotic and stressful. Once you get it all figured out, let me know! :o}


Laura said...

Good Morning!
Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family...that in itself is such a blessing. It is difficult to know "how to walk" sometimes...we just have to trust in Him to lead us.