Friday, May 28, 2010

I hope this summer doesn't fly by as quickly as spring did! My mints are doing well. Every time someone walks past them, they release the most delicious smells! The top mint is chocolate mint, the bottom is orange mint. Maggie plans to dehydrate as much of them as she can.
My hydrangeas are doing really well this year. They are almost ready to turn blue. Walmart had a closeout on hydrangeas last week, so I bought the last 6 plants. I am waiting for hubby to till a certain area so I can get them in the ground. Hopefully my bil's tiller will arrive tomorrow.
We finally got the pool assembled last night and ran the water all night and today. It's filled now...but dirty. Tomorrow I'm hoping I will be able to withstand the 68 degree temps to vacuum it.
Remember the growpots I blogged about? I am so thrilled with them! I was late in ordering the growpots, so I ended up ordering my strawberry plants online from Since it was the end of the season, I bought 250 plants for $12, with shipping it was $18...but the plants arrived 2 days later! Next year I will buy another 12 growpots, but will plant something different in the top pots, probably beans.
On Thursday I had to go to the local feedyard to get some hay. It is an old order mennonite store. As I was leaving, I encountered 6 peacocks. It was hard to drive, find my camera and focus, then snap a pic...on a camera that then ran out of batteries. Just then the peacock displayed his beautiful array of feathers. I'll definitely try to get a picture of them again.

We have been busy in the kitchen today. Lizzie and Maggie made lots of homemade ice cream for Sunday's fellowship dinner. On Wednesday, I went to the Farmer's Market and brought home a half-bushel of delicious blueberries, a half-bushel of peaches, and 2 flats of strawberries. It took Lizzie and me a long time to slice and store everything...but now we have a packed refrigerator. I love summertime eating! (...and winter time, and fall time, and spring time!)

For my family, I don't know if you have been keeping up with cousin Ned, but he underwent open heart surgery this past week. Things were rough at first but now Ned is back to his old self. PTL

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Let me know what you are doing. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Hi Kathie ~ I missed your posting all week, but it sure sounds like you kept plenty busy! I think your step pots look great; such healthy looking mints!

We're doing some geo-cacheing today followed by a cookout. I also need to plant some plants that my sister in SC gave me--and I thought I was all done getting things in the ground this spring! We will enjoy Monday with both of the guys home from work!

Hope your holiday is enjoyable.