Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today I took Maggie up to Walter Reed for another botox treatment into the muscle of her neck. This treatment has been really good, not the intense pain like the last time. PTL! Our trip was horrible traffic-wise. I was so glad to come home.

I came home to a houseful! My Dad was visiting, as well as Darling Abigail.

Sarah had invited a friend, Tanya, to come trim everyone's hair. By everyone, I mean Sarah, Maggie, Allen, Lizzie, Anna, and Ruthie.
My neighbor and her daughter walked in and got their haircuts, too! Tanya is definitely an expert...everyone looked nice. This is the first time Allen has had anyone besides me give him a haircut (and he's 14!). I am thrilled to finally learn some tips.
As usual, on the way home from Walter Reed, Maggie and I stopped at our favorite thrift store across from Andrews Air Force Base. I bought this jar to add to my collection.
And Maggie found this adorable mug for all of us to fight over:-) We just love anything cowboyish!

Everyone woke up early this morning, so we are all groggy tonight. Because Maggie had a botox treatment today, her occupational therapy appt is canceled until next Monday. And her chiropractor is on vacation this week. So what does that mean?! I am home all day tomorrow! Hurray!

We have company coming for dinner tomorrow, so I am looking forward to cleaning house and preparing for a nice evening of fellowship. We got some rain today, so it was nice not having to water the garden.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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