Friday, June 18, 2010

I added Sourdough Cheese Crackers to my list of sourdough recipes. This morning we baked up a batch using Goat's milk cheddar...yummy! I like this recipe because you can make a batch, shape it into logs, then store it in the refrigerator until ready to slice and bake. Hot, cheesy crackers on demand!
I bought this pan at the thrift shop for $2 last week (it wasn't dirty when I bought it!) and Lizzie has enjoyed making little waffles to keep in the freezer.
They didn't last long!
Today I lost my job as haircutter...hurray!
After 21 years of cutting Mike's hair, I have talked Lizzie into taking over...and she does a much better job!
Last summer when our neighbors started logging their property next to ours, I knew I would want a set of before and after pictures. So I took the top picture last summer and the bottom picture a few days ago. Actually, the pictures aren't bad. In real life the property looks as if a tornado came through. Everyone who visits us comments on it.

I found this picture of the twins when they were four years old. Al loved his cowboy hat!

Today we had three major events:

  • Anna left for Camp Bimi II in Tennessee today. Mike was all set to take her down and then we learned of another family from PA who had an extra seat. What an answer to prayer! Mike only had to drive 3 hours to meet them...instead of 10+ hours to TN!

  • Ranger the cat had fun chasing a long black snake two days ago...and this morning he had to get treated for an infected bite of some kind. Hmm. I was going to take a picture of it...but decided you didn't want to see that. But I have to say...shaved cats look funny!

  • This morning, our account with high speed internet ran out...and we still have a week to go. (We get a limited amount each month.) So now we are back on slow speed. It took 2 minutes for each picture to upload. How did I ever run an online business on slow speed!!

I got lots of cleaning and vacuuming done today, so hopefully tomorrow I will get some sewing done. The weather is hot, so we are always keeping an eye on the sprinklers.

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Lisa Ann said...

The crackers look so good! Enjoyed reading your post! Have a blessed rest of the week!