Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I saw this picture on facebook and got permission to copy it here. I hope BP obeys its own sign!
I have a few pictures from this spring that I never got around to posting, but I'd like to include them as part of my diary.
Lizzie, Maggie and Anna went over to my Dad's home and planted 5 raspberry plants for him. I need to go over and take another picture to show one month's growth.
You have to love our cat, Ranger, to appreciate this picture. Whenever Mike, Maggie, and Allen do a beehive inspection check, Ranger is always right there with them. He gets all excited when he sees them in their bee uniforms.
Last week my hubby met me in town for lunch. We went to a new restaurant called Sake. For you locals, it's in the old McDonalds in Lexington Park. (Yes, McDonalds does go out of business sometimes!) Sake is known for their lunchtime buffet...all you can eat sushi for $6.95! (For those of you who know our church songleader named Dan, he loves this place!)
This is my hubby's plate. In addition to a dozen kinds of sushi, there are a dozen or so chinese dishes.
This is my plate. Much of the sushi had dairy in it in the form of cream cheese and imitation crab (contains casein). I especially liked their spring rolls with lots of fresh veggies.
This morning, Sarah and Abigail came by to pick up my 5 youngest children and went off to the library, a picnic, and a half-mile walk. The library is having their annual summer reading program, so Sarah signed up the four youngest, including Abigail. Should be fun! Two of my children and I have a hard time swallowing calcium pills. Because we eat no dairy whatsoever, I'm always thinking about their calcium intake. We have been taking these two chewables. I know there are healthier versions...we've tried many. But we can't stand the taste and I can't stand the cost!
Yesterday when I took Anna to Target to get her contact lens, I saw this new chewable calcium. (It's hard to find dairyfree chewable calcium.) We love them...except they are so sugary! Each 500 gram chewable contains 5 grams of sugar!! But we have to admit that they are easier to stomach than anything we've tasted so far. I paid $8.95 for this jar of 100 gummies.

BTW, dairy products are NOT the best way to get your calcium. Only the dairy industry will tell you they are. Dark leafy veggies are the best source of calcium. My family's favorite sources of calcium are broccoli, spinach, turnip greens, peas, beans, and almonds.

I have been enjoying experimenting in my kitchen to come up with different sourdough recipes. This morning I made Sourdough Muffins and they were delicious! I have 25 recipes listed and yet another 25 that I want to tweak before posting. So much fun!

My Dad came over and sat with us while we ate dinner. It was fun comparing our best finds in local produce. The amish produce stands are doing a good business this summer!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Charmaine said...

Kathie, I take the very same calcium (yum....candy!). They make a multivitamin that is a gummy, too, and I take that as well:)

Happy day!