Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Yesterday was Sarah's 23rd birthday. Time sure does fly. This is a pic of Sarah holding her best friend's baby. Sarah sure loves that baby!
It is always hard to shop for Sarah, but this year I found her gift at the thrift shop in January. I knew Sarah would love these porcelain balls. I remember reading something she wrote about how she loved words, the sounds of words, and even the shapes of words. Sure enough, she loves them!

I had a hard time finding the right glass jar for these balls. I searched from January until June, and ended up giving her a jar I don't like. So I told her to let me know when she finds a jar she likes.

I also gave Sarah these large buttons. When Sarah was around 6 years old, she had a favorite black shirt that had similiar buttons sewn across the front. She loved that shirt and was devastated when she learned I had taken it to the thrift shop when she out grew it. So yesterday I told her to find a black shirt and I'll sew these buttons on it. The funny thing is...the second Sarah opened this gift, she knew exactly what the buttons were for!
Maggie gave her a much-needed crochet hook with a built-in light.
Everything is getting overgrown quickly around here. I had my hubby build this raised bed here so I could easily water my strawberry plants. Ruthie didn't know that, so she planted a bunch of of every kind! So that is why this poor 4x4 bed has tomato, zucchini, and cucumber plants alongside strawberries...and all seem to be thriving!
As usual, our raspberry patch is overgrown with weeds. It is too hard to keep up with...but we still get loads of berries.
This morning, Lizzie went out to pick some berries...and look what she found! No wonder the statistics say the #1 way to get bitten by a snake is berry-pickin'!
Today is a proud day for Anna...she is now a licensed driver! Hurray! Anna was under a lot of pressure to get her license this week so she can help drive to camp this weekend. We had forgotten to give her time for practicing parallel parking...the bane of every young driver...but this morning she did it!

I can't wait for her to drive over to her Grandaddy's today since he was the person who spent a lot of time driving with her for the 60 required hours. Thanks, Dad!

Life is exciting as I try to keep up with everything. Enjoy the summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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