Monday, June 21, 2010

This handsome young man from our church has just finished building a Prayer Garden on our church property. Tyler built the garden to help fulfill the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. What an accomplishment! Tyler had to do all the work himself: finding sponsors and financing, finding workers to help with the actual building, and designing the garden. And here is the result: Isn't it wonderful?! I had no idea what to expect...but I wasn't expecting this much! Just beautiful, but mostly serene. Exactly what it should be...a place that draws you to prayer.
I really like the simplicity of the rock borders.
I would never have thought of chimes...but it's a perfect idea!
And this cross is lovely! I will definitely take another picture of this when it gets dark enough. When we left church on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm, it was still much too light out.Beautiful flowers. There are a half-dozen or so rocks that have inspirational words carved on them. You know what they say about location, location, location? It counts here. Look at those two big pine trees. That bush on the left is a lilac. Can you imagine how that will look next Easter?! Tyler really has his work cut out for him this summer with all these 90+ degree days.
More flowers. Of course, a place to sit and meditate. Our church has its share of weddings and funerals, so a prayer garden is definitely fulfilling a need. Thank you, Tyler! This is definitely a job well done, and we're proud of you!

I read today that there are 28 million scouts worldwide but less than 1% make it to the rank of Eagle. This rank requires leadership skills and commitment. So you can understand why we are proud of Tyler for this accomplishment!
Back on the homefront, we are enjoying this trailerload of hay. A local horse-owner gave it to us because it isn't fit for his horses. A few bales got musty. But it's perfect for our garden! So after dinner we rode up to Mechanicsville and had fun loading up the trailer. When we got to the end of our dirt road, we let the twins ride on top of the hay...the way they see the amish boys ride their tall hay wagons. Every year when we move hay around (around 6 bales or less), I always wish we had hay hooks to make it easy. So when I found out we had to move the 50+ bales of hay this week, I went to Stouffer's Feedmill in Loveville and bought two hooks for Mike. He thought I was a little nuts...
...until he picked up that first bale! He thanked me for them when the job was done.
Allen and Lizzie had fun riding around on the road.
I was teasing them about racing with their Daddy in Uncle Glenn's truck.
Abigail came over yesterday morning to visit with Sarah. She had lots of fun helping me fill the sugar and flour jars.
I had fun remembering how each of my children loved helping me in the kitchen. does look like she is trying to fall off the counter! We kept pushing her back but she liked that certain position. I was standing right next to her and stepped back for the camera, so I would've caught her if she slipped.

We finally got our high speed internet back, PTL! I tried to post last night but we had a whopper storm with lots of thunder and lightening, so I had to unplug the computer. I got lots of reading done instead.

Keep cool in this heat. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 100! I keep telling everyone I might as well be in my beloved Texas...but no one listens to me:-) Many blessings ~ Kathie

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