Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anna's home!! Charmaine and I drove down Friday and picked Anna up Saturday morning. We got home that night around 10:30 pm. (1400 miles.) Anna has about 200 pictures of Camp BIMI on her camera, so tonight I will browse through and take you on a tour. Right now I am off to violin lessons and three appts.
But first I will share with you some new foods I found for folks who are allergic to dairy and eggs. Wendys has three new chicken dishes! They are expensive ($4.50) but filling. The three choices are Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and my favorite, Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken...yummy! I must say, the Asian Chicken is spicy, especially if you dip your chicken pieces in the sauce that is loaded with hot pepper seeds. But Wendy's brewed iced tea is perfect for balancing the heat.

I would have preferred putting the chicken on top of a salad, but then it becomes a pricey meal. Maybe you and a friend could get side salads and split the chicken. But be sure to try it!

I'm not big into candy bars because I don't prefer chocolate much, but after years of being unable to eat any candy bars...this was a real treat! Chewy caramel with lots of! Make sure you get the dark chocolate version, not the milk chocolate.

Enjoy the new week. Mike is taking off for most of it, so we have plans for a day trip as well as lots of chores. I'll keep you posted.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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