Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anna has been busy sewing these kite blocks for a quilt for darling Abby. Abby turns one year old next week. What a fast year! I'll be sure to show you the finished quilt.
I didn't get a chance to write last night because the violent storms kept the computer unplugged. My friend Christina let me use this picture from Tuesday night's storm. That is dime-sized hail! I just read the weather report and the weatherman says we are going to have another string of violent storms next week. Get ready!I found this dressing at Walmart this week and fed it to my family last night. We loved it! Our salad included lettuce (romaine and spring mix), cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and rice noodles. Yummy!
Mike has been eating wasabi peas because of the health benefits. Wasabi is known for its anticancer benefits. The Japanese eat it with their raw fish because of its antibiotic and antiparasitic properties. Doctors also find is useful in fighting asthma and bronchitis. Wasabi is described as being "hot and fiery without burning," which changes to a sweetness that lingers in the mouth. Anyhow, Mike and I enjoy them.

The white wasabi peas that you find in the health food stores are much better for you than the green-dyed wasabi peas in the grocery stores. The green-dyed peas also have sugar, salt, palm oil and, of course, food dyes. Buy the white!

Mike has been faithful in adding cayenne to his diet (either capsule or powder) to lower his blood pressure. The cayenne he takes is 93,000 BTUs, as compared to grocery store cayenne that contains 2-3000 BTUs. But it works! Mike's blood pressure has gone from 148/90 to 128/81 from cayenne alone. Isn't that impressive?!

Today is a rainy day, so we should get lots of reading and practicing done. Maggie has two appts, so we're off and running soon. Maggie had a rough day emotionally yesterday, so I spent a lot of time meditating on God's promises. It is my natural bent to do a lot of self examination spiritually, so when trouble arises, I dig deeper. It seems there is always something that I need to get right with God. Thank God He is always listening!

Have a nice day. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Kathie ~ I haven't heard of cayenne to lower blood pressure - sounds fairly easy. Where do you normally purchase the capsules? I am going to check into it. And it will be fun seeing the completed kite quilt. It already looks neat!

Anonymous said...

Your lifesounds so fun I wish I could come visit you with all of my kids for a few weeks it would be great! check out my blog