Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of my most favorite tasks as a homemaker is pegging clothes. I loved pegging clothes even as a child, then as a teen. My mom had two long clotheslines strung far between two trees. Every 20 or so feet, we would hold the rope up with a rake standing on end. It was wonderful to see. I took the above picture of an amish friend's wash. From 1983 to 1999 I had poles just like in the above picture. The only thing I didn't like was that I had to constantly keep an eye on the weather for rain clouds. That was especially hard the year the twins were born.

One of the very first things I did as a new bride was to ask Mike to hang a line between the only two trees on our property (at that time)...and they were a good distance away! Mike's friend and former neighbor, Dago, said he knew we were back from our honeymoon when he looked out his window and saw that clothesline.

In navy housing, we were provided with two T poles, and I was the only person in all of housing to use my poles. Sometimes people would refer to me as "the lady who uses her clothesline."

When we moved to San Diego, I had Mike install two of those same poles. I loved pegging clothes in San the time you finished pegging the last diaper, the first diaper was already dry. Gotta love that hot desert air!

So when we moved up here to our dream property, I knew I wanted a covered porch. And I got one...on all four sides of the house! I love it.
So for 9 years I have had two umbrella in the basement (above) and one on my porch. This past spring, the clothesline on my porch finally snapped and broke.So I bought another one, but it was lightweight aluminum and lasted 3 months. See all the bent arms?! I only had two loads of laundry hanging when it snapped. So I started researching for a heavy duty clothesline.
I like this one, but it is pricey and not very big. I would need two of these.This would be my first choice, but it is very pricey at $198! Mike is going to try to replicate my first choice with some pvc pipe he has. I did find one of these that I would eventually like to put down the basement. It stretches 34 feet...and our basement is 32 x56. Perfect!
I have always had a separate rack for hanging diapers, sock and washcloths. It has always been the youngest child's chore to peg these items as soon as they are able to reach it...usually two years old. Ruthie has had this chore for 7 years now.
Anna was so excited to get her first radishes out of her garden. Hurray, Anna! We sliced the radishes very thin and added cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions and italian dressing. Delicious!
I read this fantastic book called, Turning the Ship, by Dustin Guidry. The subtitle is, "Why the church needs to demolish age barriers and join together as the family of God." I read the book in two was that good.

Anyone who wants to know why folks are choosing home churches or age-integrated churches, needs to read this book. Be forewarned: You will get angry when you learn that most protestant church practices are rooted in secular humanism.

Another warning: You might as well read this book at the same time as hubby, otherwise you will get interrupted every three minutes so he can read something profound to you!

We got lots of chores done today. Now it's time for the Saturday night showers and preparing our hearts for tomorrow's sermons. I hope everyone is enjoying the season. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Heather MacQ said...

hanging clothes outside on the line is one of the most gratifying things for me as a home-maker. not only am i conserving energy and money by not using the dryer, it sure does make it easier to fold those clothes too! good luck on your search for the perfect clothesline. mine is retractable, attaches to the house on one end, and i pull it out to a pole in the yard on the other end. i can hang 3 nice long lines this way.

A Joyful Chaos said...

The first picture reminded me a lot of the pulley clothesline we used to have while I was growing up.
Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

Cowen Family said...

I haven't "checked-in" in quite a while but wanted to say, "hi!" Looks like you are all up to fun! As the Lord puts your daughter on my heart, she has been in my prayers. I pray for comfort for her.