Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow ~ it was no small feat going through Anna's 200 pictures of Camp BIMI! I'll start here with this picture. Anna started camp on a Saturday morning, so the next day everyone piled into vans and went to a local church, shown above. The pastor of the church is the nephew of the director of camp BIMI.
This church even has an orchestra! Anna really liked the teen Sunday School class...that is run by teens. There was a teen playing the piano, a teen songleader, and teen greeters. Anna said they were friendly and personable. BIMI, Baptist International Missions Inc., has grown since we visited eight years ago. This is the auditorium where evening services were held.
And this is the Hudson Taylor Lodge where Anna stayed. Each room is named according to a different part of the world. Anna's room was the European room. The entire BIMI facilities is beautiful. I kept thinking I was at Bob Jones had the same style and quality.
The upstairs loft in the auditorium has game tables.
This is Anna's friend, Rebecca, who went to Camp Bimi II at the same time Anna was going through Camp Bimi I. Rebecca has a blog to chronicle her missions career. Behind the girls in the pictures are photos of missionaries at BIMI who have gone to glory. It was exciting to see photos of friends we knew and had prayed for.
And here is Anna's class. I wish I could've gotten a picture of our friend, Jim Butler, who works for the BIMI headquarters. We met Jim in San Diego in 1985, and we've been supporting his family ever since. Anna said Jim is still as friendly as ever, always asking if she needed anything.

BTW, for those of you who were praying for Anna when she arrived at camp with poison oak on her face, the shot of steroids took the swelling away that first day. Anna said it was hard to see any poison by day two. I was surprised to see her smooth face when I picked her up a week sign of poison at all! PTL
This is Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Diane Baughman (pronounced Ballf-min). They did a wonderful job organizing the camp. Anna can't eat any dairy, so Mrs. Baughman made sure the cooks knew about that.

As with any camp, there were funny skits. This is the hillbilly skit.
Anna enjoyed this panel of missionaries. Each of the missionaries had to answer the question,"My God shall supply what...?" Each one of the missionary staff got three minutes to share a story where God came through for them in record time or in a miraculous way. It was great hearing how God has worked in so many lives. Each missionary started by saying that God has always come through for them no matter what the circumstance.
The last evening of the week was special. Each person had to dress up for the International Banquet. Anna dressed in her African dress.
This is Anna's friend, Ashley, who is dressed as an Arabian gypsy. Ashley is the third of three sisters to attend camp BIMI. She hopes to go to Brazil as a missionary someday. Anna said the Mexican theme was very popular.
This is Andy and Paige. They are engaged and plan to be married next June. The Oriental theme was also a favorite for the girls costumes.
Here's a group gathering before the banquet.
This is Mr. Bohman, the assistant African director. Anna loved talking to him, since she wants to go to Africa. He was a big help answering her questions. Mr. Bohman picked up this costume on a survey trip to Sudan.
And here is the group picture. Nice costumes!

When Charmaine and I picked Anna up, I wanted to spend the whole day there. What a wonderful place to be in the midst of all those folks who have dedicated their lives to the Great Commission. I always enjoy going to ministries where you can sense the Spirit of the Lord as soon as you enter.

Anna loved the camp and knows that was definitely where the Lord wanted her to be. Her only disappointment of the week was the music. Having been raised in Baptist churches, you would think she would know the choruses chosen for the camp...but she didn't. (Remember, this is Baptist International Missions, Inc.) We suspect they are Praise and Worship songs. But this was a small disappointment, to be sure. (So why mention it? Because we wouldn't want someone else to go and then wonder if Anna sang those kinds of songs. BTW ~ Anna wasn't alone...she said it was obvious most of the teens didn't know the songs.) When Anna got home from camp, it was time to go choose her birthday gift from Maggie and Sarah...a kitty! And what a cutie she chose!
And this is Ranger. We hope he will be a great mouser/snaker someday!

FYI, I found this blog on BIMI's website called "The Other Side Of Missions." It is a blog written for MKs (missionary kids) that is interesting reading.

So we are back to our normal routine. We are feeling blessed and enjoying the summer with all our new pets. Many blessings ~ Kathie, with Anna.

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