Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Friday when we went to a garage sale, Anna picked up two old Bibles and asked the man how much he wanted for them. The man got very serious and told her his policy was to never accept money for Bibles. Wow! One of the Bibles had a $63 price tag from our local Christian bookstore, Jacob's Well. It looks old (Jacob's Well was open from 1974-2008) but is in perfect condition. The second Bible is even older, 1914, and holds a fascinating history.

On the first page we learn that the Bible was a Christmas gift from a woman named Fonda to her mother.
In the middle of the Bible we learn that the family's last name is Moon. On the Family Register page, we learn that Mr. and Mrs. Moon were married on December 21, 1888 at the bride's home. Wow!

On the Births page we learn that Mr. John Moon was born August 17,1871, and Mrs. Minnie (Mark) Moon was born November 18, 1874. He was from Columbia, Iowa, she was from Attica, Iowa.

One of their children lived for two months (Alva Moon), and one of their children lived for three days (Baby Moon), in 1900 and 1901, respectively. Fortunately they did have two surviving daughters born in 1904 and 1913. These two daughters were later married in 1929 and 1934.Towards the back of the Bible are newspaper clippings of the obituaries for the parents and children. Mrs. Moon's father, Isaac Mark was a soldier in the civil war! There are also poems that were written by him. What a treasure trove!

We even found two pages that were cut out of a magazine that must have been very old...just look at the picture of Rudy Atwood above!

Anna spent some time online and found this family's online family tree. She even saw where there were some blanks that she could fill in thanks to her info!! What a wonderful time we've been having with this piece of history. Anna realizes this family is probably going to want her Bible, so for now she is enjoying it.

Today I brought home a bag of claws for a special lunch. The Crabknockers Seafood store in Leonardtown sells a large bag of claws for $5. Since that is my children's favorite part, it's a great deal!
Sarah made dinner tonight. We had delicious corn on the cob from Walmart. If you decide to buy some, make sure you pull back the husk on each cob. Some of them were dried out.
Later on I cut the corn off the leftovers and made this black bean and corn salad. Yummy!
Last week Ruthie got her first case of poison ivy. I had to go to Walmart to get some calamine lotion and found this Calamine Spray from the Band Aid company. What a dream! Just spray, wait 60 seconds and it's completely dry. Some mother must've invented this!

Allen and I saw a house on fire today. The owner had driven his car into his garage where the engine overheated. I felt sorry for the firefighters that had to douse that fire on this warm and humid day.

We had a pretty intense thunderstorm tonight with lots of lightening. Now that it's over, I'm going to cut Mike and Allen's hair.

Hope you are enjoying your week. Most homeschoolers and Christian schools are over for the summer. The public schools end June 12th. Time to start enjoying the summer season. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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