Friday, June 12, 2009

Tonight was Ruthie's first violin recital. She played Jesus Loves Me and did a wonderful job! Lizzie played two pieces, Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor and Pachelbel's Canon in D. Those are two long pieces...and she gave an excellent performance. I accompanied both girls...and boy did I have to practice for that Vivaldi piece. Yikes! Sorry we didn't get a picture of Lizzie.
Many times when I take Maggie to her appts in town, I have to hang around for several hours. Oftentimes I will go to the Checkers drivein and buy a large, unsweetened iced tea. The same girl has been at the window each time...until a month ago when she gave birth to her 7th child! So I found out her phone number and took her a meal. Above is the lasagne. My kitchen smelled so good while it was baking!
Of course, I made a batch of sourdough rolls to go with it.
And chocolate brownies...
And Allen made fruit salad. Anna also made a baby quilt using blue fabrics but I deleted the picture accidentally. We had a fun time seeing the new baby, and meeting his six siblings. What a nice family. We sure enjoy helping folks like them!
On the way home, we saw a bunch of fire trucks and ambulances tending to a man lying on the ground. A block away we noticed more firemen blocking off a large parking lot, so we figured a helicopter was on the way. We were right!
We pulled over (along with many other folks) and watched the exciting drama.
Since there were no vehicles anywhere near the victim, we think he may have gotten hit by a car while walking. I checked the website for the fire department, but they tend to take a week to post stories and pictures.
The guy must have been pretty badly hurt because there was a lot of commotion in and out of the ambulance. Finally he got loaded and away it flew. It was pretty exciting to be so close to the whole thing.

We are hoping to get a lot of chores done tomorrow before we go to Abigail's birthday party. Anna is madly sewing Abigail's gift. I will be sure to post a picture tomorrow.

We sure had a lot of fun at the violin recital. Not only were the performances stunning, but it was fun catching up with everybody since last year's recital. I am very thankful that God has given my daughters their gift of music. What a blessing.

Enjoy your Saturday. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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