Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, Sarah!

Happy Birthday, Sarah. Boy did I goof! I thought today was the 15th...not the 16th. Oh well. It was hard to find any pictures of Sarah by herself. Here she is with Maggie when they are 5 and 2. Maggie and Sarah have always been close friends. I sure enjoyed sewing all their matching outfits.Sarah always loved it when new babies came. Here she is holding Maggie when she was just a few weeks old.

And she's always been a nurturer. Here she is trying to rock Anna asleep. I couldn't find any pictures of her with the twins even though I know we have many.
Here she is when she was twelve years old, holding newborn Ruthie. Sarah had a lot of responsiblities piled on her during this time. We had just moved into our new home that didn't have heat, just a fireplace, and no kitchen sink, dishwasher, or clothes dryer. Just 16 inches of snow outside. And our refrigerator died...but we just kept everything in the garage. Sarah kept the house warm and our children fed while Mike and I were with my midwife.

When Ruthie was 4 weeks old, she had life-saving surgery, and Sarah again had to keep things running. My parents came but soon left because Sarah had everything under control. Thank you again, Sarah.
This is the second teen picture. Sarah used to go to an annual teen banquet with her best friend, Rebekah. Sarah enjoys dressing up and socializing. She made her dress.
Here's a picture with Sarah, Maggie, and Anna. Still no twins. In fact, I could only find two pictures of Sarah as a teen, so there is probably a second memory bin somewhere. I'll find them for next year's birthday post.
Anna made Sarah this beautiful black and white quilt, just as Sarah requested. It is 108" square. Sarah loves it. Mike gave her a strand of pearls, and Lizzie and I gave her a blow dryer.

Sarah and Maggie went out for a birthday dinner with their church friends. Anna, Lizzie, and Ruthie went with Grandad for the afternoon to babysit darling Abigail. And Maggie and I went for dental checkups. We also did Maggie's occupational therapy and Allen's Tang Soo Do. So now I am weary and headed for relaxation. I am behind in my emails, so please don't think I've died...I am just behind. It is hard to reply to emails when running from place to place.

I have been reading the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is the prophet who was the weeping prophet because he despaired of his people and their disregard for God's law. I wonder what it was like to be there when Jeremiah threw down the clay pot, breaking it to pieces. "This is what your life is like when you don't follow God's law," he told his people. Even though we don't have to follow any laws to be saved, there are still biblical principles to follow. Is your life a broken pot?

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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SunshinyLiving said...

I love the pictures of Sarah. I'll always see her as a 2yo in my mind though :-) I can't believe it's been over twenty years!