Friday, April 18, 2008

Yesterday when we went to the beach, we saw these large pelicans enjoying themselves. Aren't they wonderful? They let us get pretty close to them. There were a dozen of them.
Everyone here is doing well. We had our first rain last night. The girls said there was lots of thunder and pouring rain. I slept through it. This morning the smell of rain was delicious. But now the sun is shining and it looks to be a gorgeous day. I have a few miscellaneous pictures that I will share with you. Here's the first, a picture of my battery recharger. When I first got my digital camera, I went through batteries quickly. So Mike bought this recharger at Walmart for $9.99 and a set of four AA batteries. I keep two in my camera and two in my case. Almost everyday I switch batteries. Much better on the budget!
Someone asked what our kitchen looks like here in Texas, so here it is! We've had lots of fun baking in this kitchen.
As usual, I enjoy the cooking shows on TV. Yesterday we watched Paula Dean make soft pretzels, so I looked up the recipe and we made them. They were delicious! I didn't think I would like them because of the 2 tbsps of butter, but I did. And they were easy!
If you enjoy reading real-life stories of how God works in people's lives, then you may enjoy reading about our friend, Iain McConnell. Iain is a helicopter pilot and Lieutenant in the Coast Guard, and was a major rescuer in the Katrina aftermath. Read his account of his mission here. Iain's Dad was our Pastor when we lived in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderfully tiny, close-knit church. We still see the McConnells from time to time. Iain is now married and a new Daddy!

While looking up Iain's story, I found this webpage that has many similiar life stories. I always enjoying reading about the power of God in people's lives.

Our church family in Maryland has two families who are going through difficult times, so we are continually praying for them. We also are praying for a member who is a cancer survivor, and today she does another CAT scan to make sure she is still cancer-free. We know firsthand how comforting it is to know that the saints are praying.

It is another Friday... so quickly! We are off to find a nature trail and to do some grocery shopping. Enjoy your weekend.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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CanadaCait said...

About your batteries, it sounds to me you are using the wrong ones. Look at the side of your battery where it says mAh. If the number is a number less than 2600 then that is why they keep dying. I use my camera everyday and have 2600mAh, my batteries last like a week! Anyway, hope I was of some help:)
God Bless