Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cowboy Church

This past Sunday we drove the hour to Kingsville to go to Cowboy Church. It was well worth the ride! Today was a special day for this church. They had a short 20-minute sermon, then everyone hopped on their horses for an afternoon of friendly competition.
The Pastor and his father have a real burden for the cowboy. Yes, the cowboy culture is alive and well out west, especially down here in southern Texas. The typical Baptist church with all its formality is a turnoff to the average cowboy. So Pastor Steve and his father have this ministry that aims to reach the cowboy specifically.
This lady (pastor's mom) was really proud that this puppy has never missed a Sunday morning service. Actually there were a few friendly dogs running around.
Pastor Steve shared some of his testimony with us. He was a modern day Jonah, running from what the Lord really wanted for him.
We had a lot of fun watching this little guy galloping around on his horse.

The two main events were barrel racing and pole bending. It was a hot day but an almost-steady breeze made it pleasant. Actually it was a two-in-one event: the nearby NAS Kingsville base had the Blue Angels performing at the same time! I was afraid the loud jet noise would spook the horses, but evidently they're used to it since this is a training base.
Afterwards we came home and went fishing.
Maggie loves all the herons, pelicans and flamingos around here.
This is Ruthie snuggled up to Grandaddy for his last night here. He left first thing Monday morning. We just talked to him and he arrived home at 10:30 Tuesday morning. Not bad...26 hours!

I have allowed my children to watch some of the programs on TV's cable (or whatever it's called). My children never watch tv at home, so this is different for them. Allen watches Military history, futuristic weapons, and several other historical programs. Then at night, he talks to Grandaddy for an hour asking questions related to history, war, etc. He has learned so much since he's been here. I can tell he's a real history buff like Grandaddy.

Anna and Maggie also enjoy the ancient history channels. Ruthie enjoys the animal shows. Lizzie is not a tv person and gets frustrated by it. She'd rather be riding her bike around the neighborhood. But she did manage to find a show about training and riding horses.

This home has 3 large-screen plasma tvs, so we can each watch our programs at the same time. I would never recommend this in a home, but we are enjoying it while we're here.

Our biggest news today is that Maggie was painfree for 5 hours on Monday!! What an answer to prayer. I was hoping she would repeat that today, but not so. But her Dr. is pleased. So her treatment is working, PTL.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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