Friday, April 4, 2008

Yesterday Dad took us all to Port Aransis (pronounced uh-ran-sis with emphasis on ran), called Port A by the locals. It is only an hour or so from Corpus Christi, and is quite scenic.
Dad's restaurant du jour was Virginia's, an al fresco restaurant. The food, as usual, was spectacular, and the scene even more so. We were right on Port A where the huge ships and barges go by.
This is my shrimp salad before I gave away my eggs. The dressing was only two ingredients: capers and tartar sauce, mixed in a blender. Delicious! I can't wait to try making it. The mayonnaise around here is made by SYSCO, and uses only egg yolk, no whites. Ruthie and I are allergic to the whites, so it's been nice to eat mayo!
This is one of the big ships that went by during lunch.
We then took the car ferry to the other side of Corpus Christi. This is the ferry that was passing us. Ours looks the same.
My Dad is a born comedian, but I can only take so much laughing. It makes my tummy hurt! So today I refused to get into the van unless he promised not to make me laugh so much. He didn't really keep his promise...! I don't think he can help it.

Because Dad has been taking us out to lunch everyday, we have been eating little snacks for dinner. Last night I made this sourdough Monkey Bread for dinner (I know it's not healthy!). I just used my sourdough bread recipe and added a little sugar. I dipped bite sizes pieces of dough into a cinnamon sugar mix. It was delicious. We snacked on it from 4 to 11 pm when I officially declared it dead.

Dad has decided to return to Maryland for ten or twelve days. Mom misses him. I find it amusing that everyone is concerned for me being without Mike or Dad. I wasn't a navy officer's wife for nothing! This is a piece of cake!

Thank you, all of you who have written. I am slowly returning all emails. I am trying not to spend a lot of time online since that is also Dad's telephone line. But I will answer all emails in time.

Thank you also for your prayers. This is the tough part where Maggie hands are starting to work again but with much pain. This will probably be her toughest week. She is taking B-6 to help with the nerve repair.

Have a worshipful Sunday. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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mhcowen said...

Okay, if you didn't save me some monkey bread, at least you took a picture of it so I can drool from 3K miles away! Sourdough is my favorite and I have never tried it with monkey bread! yummmmm