Friday, April 11, 2008

Wednesday evening the winds howled all night. Our neighbor has four palm trees in his yard and I have been amazed that the tall trunks never sway even though the huge leaves flap about violently. However, last night the trunks swayed a wee bit. It was windy! The winds must have brought in the tide because all the lowlands were flooded in the morning.
We have enjoyed the signs in Texas. One of our favorites is this sign when you leave the two gas stations at the beginning of Padre Island. It means there are no more gas stations for 65 miles. But we like to joke that we have to stop and get out to empty our gas tank and walk.
This sign is right before an intersection on the island that has a few stores. It looks like a major thoroughfare, but you would laugh if you could see it! It's in the middle of wide open land!
Of course, here's the most famous sign in Texas. Most people don't know that the "Don't Mess With Texas" slogan started as an anti-littering slogan.
This is a new middle school that was built last year on the island. It makes my heart so sad every time we pass it. I cannot imagine any of my children being boxed up all day in concrete. We have never seen the blinds over the small windows open. How can a child commune with God when they are shut off from His magnificent creation like that? I would've taken advantage of the beautiful scenery and built huge windows. (The other side of the highway is miles of open beaches.) That's why they make electric shutters for hurricane threats.
Here's a fun picture to share. Why are large families on a tight budget? It's the shoes! Each of my children owns 3 pairs ~ Sunday best, sneakers and sandals(youngest 3). We used to all own black sneakers until many of us wore the same size. Got too hard to tell whose was whose!

Sarah let me know about this webpage she found. It is titled The Christian Checklist. I think it is perfect. It has surely given me lots to think about. Be sure to take a look.

Is it really Friday? We have been here in Texas for 3 weeks. Seems like 3 days. Maggie's chiropractor says we should start to see major improvements now. Is that exciting or what?! We are trying to determine when to come home. It really depends on how Maggie responds to treatment this next week. I think we are all secretly hoping to be here 2 more weeks. But we are in serious prayer about it and are seeking the Lord's direction.

Have a good weekend. The zipper on Allen's Sunday pants broke, so we are off to find him a new pair. We'll be sure to take our camera in case we see anything exciting.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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