Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy 25th to my Honey

Twenty-five years ago today, Mike and I got married. It was one of the best days of my life. I don't have any pictures to show of us, but Mike said he'd be sure to send me some tomorrow. We've only missed being together for five of our anniversaries, not bad considering Mike is retired military!
This is our engagement picture. We got engaged December 28th, 1982 and married April 23, 1983. We knew each other almost a year when we married. I had both my parents' and my pastor's blessing. I say that because it is an important part of a good marriage.
Today when we went to the beach, this landsailer came by. It looked like a lot of fun. I could tell Maggie was adding that to her list entitled, "Things to do when my hands have healed." And looky what came while I was gone! Mike sent this beautiful bouquet of daisies. I love daisies! My bridesmaids carried baskets of daisies down the aisle. Mike has never forgotten a birthday or anniversary, and is always good about cards, flowers and gifts...even from a ship on the other side of the world!
When we got home from the beach, Dad had cooked dinner. It was simply delicious. This recipe is called Chorizo and Potatoes from Rachael Ray. Dad got this recipe from her cooking show this morning. Dad said he paid extra to get the better chorizo, which explains why I enjoyed it. Years ago in San Diego, I tried some chirozo that was nasty! Much different from tonight's.

Tonight we went to church and enjoyed a good sermon about the benefits of affliction. We are to be thankful for affliction. We learned that diamonds start off as coal. It is only after years of pressure that they develop into actual diamonds. Then the diamonds are cut and sanded to become the diamonds as we know and enjoy.
Afterwards we went grocery shopping and saw this Texas cutting board. The price of food and gas is rising steadily, as I'm sure it is everywhere. I am praying that the price of gas drops before we make the trip back to Maryland.

Be sure to read God's Word so you can hear Him. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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