Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday we went back to this state park that is about 12 miles from our home. The girls knew we could find good shells here.
We also bought two more skim boards that were larger, and what a difference! No more falling off! We paid a little more for the one skim board because it has non-skid foam on it, and that was worth it. I wish I could show you how well they did. Looked like real surfers for sure!
The girls were right ~ the shells were magnificent. Most of the shells in this bucket are live. There is also a little crab crawling around but I couldn't get his light sandy color to show up. Ruthie had so much fun just scooping up shells. Of course, you can't bring any live shells out of the park. Speaking of park...the ranger had to tell me to put away my metal detector. I didn't know it was illegal in a state park. It was written in the rules in the pile of brochures I was given at the gate. I felt so badly about that.
The thing that I couldn't get used to, is that in Texas, "all beaches are considered to be public highways, and all rules remain the same for both." It is hard to watch these 18-wheelers go by so close to my children. Fortunately they went slowly. This beach road is the only access between North and South Padre Island.

Did you read Deb's comment from yesterday? They are freezing up in VA with snow flurries! Dad said they were in the 40s all day and low 30s at night. No, Deb, we can't imagine that! I do love snow, but this is nice.

Dad is cooking at SAYSF Bible Church tonight. He's missing my children who normally help him. If any of you locals would like to bless him with your help, he'll be there from noon until it's all over.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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