Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're home!

On Thursday afternoon, my children and I went to our favorite store at Bethany Beach. It is filled with lots of unusual and reproduction vintage items. The first of my two finds was Kawlija, the wooden indian. Ever since I heard the song called Kawlija (sung by the Sons of the Pioneers), I have wanted a wooden indian to place outside my front door. Of course, it would look better if my home were a log cabin. I had Maggie stand next to the two Kawlijas to show you how massive these were. Maggie is 5'8-1/2"!
My second find is this sign. Since I love most things that are Native American, I loved this sign showing Geronimo! We wanted to buy it, but it was too expensive. So someday we will burn it onto a piece of wood and it will be better.
Friday morning we piled into our van for the trip home.
We still can't figure out how we came home with more than we arrived!
Anna held a sleeping bag in her lap and we were able to fit.
Maggie did a really good job of keeping us in hysterics for the first hour. She's gonna have a cow when she sees this picture. But she wore everyone out and they slept soundly for awhile. Be sure to ask Maggie where you can buy a neck pillow hat for yourself!
We stopped for lunch at a chinese restaurant. We have been very successful finding chinese restaurants that don't use peanut oil.

This restaurant had a wonderfully big koi pond.

The big event today was this black snake that Anna came eye to eye with while picking foliage.Have a great weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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