Friday, September 7, 2007

Can you identify this bird?

We so rarely see squirrels around here, so it was big news when we saw this cutie eating out of our feeder. I have a dozen feeders hanging outside my window where my computer is set up, so I get to watch birds a lot.
Now that my hummingbirds are going south, my impatiens are recovering. The hummers like to land on the petals which knocks them off. I only see 4-5 hummingbirds these days. This summer I had to refill my 4 hummingbird feeders twice a day! Mike made this "log" planter for me. I love it!Maggie and Anna went to VA with my Dad for the weekend, so I found some time to sew for fun. What a rarity. I want to use up some of my solid color fabrics, so I chose the difficult and time-consuming Grandmother's Flower Garden. I am piecing it with my machine which means I need to trace all the stitching lines onto the pieces first. In order for the "flower" to lay flat, the cutting and stitching have to be perfect. Yes, this will be a long-term project!

The hexagons for this quilt pattern are tedious to cut out. I have only sold one kit of this kind, and it was bought by a woman in Thailand! She was going to hang the finished quilt on her living room wall since it never gets cold enough to need a quilt.

This evening we are going to a concert performed by a quartet in which Lizzie's violin teacher is going to play. I can hardly wait. My mother is going with us.

Maggie and Anna called from the boat this morning while they were fishing. They caught a bunch of croakers and a shark, but have decided to throw them back in since no one feels like cleaning the fish.

Have a nice weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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