Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Special ~ Shots!

Every Thursday since April, Ruthie has been getting allergy shots. The shots are mainly to fight dustmites, but since she had to get the shots, the allergist went ahead and added a few of the other small allergies she has (cats, grass and a few trees). I have been so proud of the way Ruthie doesn't put up a fuss but willingly gets her shots.
Once in a long while, Ruthie will get a little panicky when she sees the needle, but then she remembers that it doesn't hurt as much as an immunization shot.

This is Mrs. Bev and Mrs. Regina, the nurses who give the shots. We have come to love these ladies! Mrs. Bev has been giving immunizations to our family since Sarah (now 20) was a baby. I forget when Mrs. Regina started giving shots, but it's been years.

We feel really blessed to have these two nurses as our friends. We also are thankful to be able to afford this medical care. I make sure my children know that we are privileged to be enjoy this benefit.

Thanks so much, Mrs. Regina and Mrs. Bev!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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