Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sushi Night!

Our family enjoys eating vegetable sushi but it is so expensive. Usually when we buy a small container there are 9 little sushi, so only one person gets seconds. So we read about how to make sushi and tonight we made it. It turned out perfectly! Below is Lizzie's plate.

And here is Allen's plate. For veggies we used our favorites ~ avacado, carrots and cucumbers. It was really easy making julienne carrots and cucumbers using my julienne blade on my Cuisinart food processor. Sure cut down on cutting time!

Even though our sushi didn't look store bought, it was delicious.

This week I wore out my rotary cutter that I use to cut out all my quilt kits that I sell on eBay. Fortunately, Joann's Fabrics had them 40% off, so I bought one. I decided to try the bigger cutter to see if it was easier. What a difference! I highly recommend the bigger cutter (65mm as opposed to the 45mm) for cutting through 8 layers of fabric. So what if you have lots of 45mm blades ~ the large cutter uses both 45 and 65mm blades. This picture shows both my new and old cutters.

So while I was busy in my sewing room cutting out a quilt kit for a dear friend in California, Mike and the twins were off to the other side of town picking up free firewood that I saw advertised on our county's local website. It is all white and red oak wood. Won't we enjoy those wonderful evenings sitting in front of our fireplace playing our ukes! Thanks, guys, for a job well done.

Maggie and Anna called from VA and tried not to brag about catching 8 sharks and a bunch of other fish. I am thankful they are getting this time with their Grandfather. Hopefully they won't be exhausted:-)

Well, Mike just came in from splitting all the firewood. Time to sit and eat dinner (yes, it's late for a Saturday evening) and then start on our Saturday evening routine for getting ready for church tomorrow morning.

I hope you had a profitable Saturday also. Many blessings ~ Kathie

PS ~ I thought I'd show you what the damage from dinner was. I have to admit, I was expecting worse considering we let everyone make their own sushi.

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deb said...

Kathie ~ no one in our family has ever eaten sushi. All I can think of is raw fish which doesn't thrill me. But...maybe your veggie sushis would be good. The plates certainly look interesting.

re: your quilt kits. Have you ever written a post about how you got started and came up with the idea of selling on ebay and how you go about it? I think that would be very interesting to learn. How creative! And I realize why you buy so much fabric. Do you ever make quilts yourself or just make the kits for income?

re: firewood. Looks like a lot of work was done! We love fireplaces and the smell of the logs burning altho we have a gas fireplace now. Either way though I love sitting by a warm fire in the winter.