Thursday, September 6, 2007

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day. We went to my parents' home a mile away for a picnic. My three brothers and their families, and two sets of aunts and uncles came. I gave my camera to my daughters and said, "Be sure to take lots of pictures!" Ha! So now I have dozens of pictures of Grandad's new pier and some happy children, but no pictures up at the house of the happy folks at the picnic. Chelsea played her cello and Uncle Ron played his violin. Then Mom and Uncle Ron played two pianos together. It was such beautiful weather outside, so Uncle Gene played his trombone in the front yard.

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather. Low 80s with low humidity. It's still very dry, but hey, hurricane season is just warming up! Besides, September is when our family goes to the ocean, and you can always count on either a hurricane or the imminent threat of one!
Here in Maryland, Dad is still, "King of the Pier," just like he is in Virginia.
This pier is on the pond on 235. This pond was made in the 1960s when the earth was moved to build the highway. It is fed by 4 springs. I enjoy looking down and seeing folks canoeing. Below is the view from the highway. In the winter you can see Mom and Dad's home through the trees.
This is Maggie's "attitude" bunny named Twitch. When Maggie goes out to feed her bunnies, she has to feed Twitch first or else he gets offended. Twitch was breathing erratically, so we brought him up to the porch for some TLC. By the time Sarah got home from work the next morning, he was completely recovered and king of the castle, set up as he was in a big cage by himself, with his own fan and box to hide in. He'd forgotten he was supposed to be "sick". Isn't he a cutie?
Every Thanksgiving Day, the adults in my family (10 of us) draw names to exhange Christmas gifts. Last year my sister-in-law, Natalie, drew my name and gave me a huge gift certificate to to a wonderful store called Apple Basket. All year I have enjoyed the feeling of owning this gift certificate, but last week my children and I went to have a look-see. I was hoping to find handmade Christmas plates for giving plates of cookies as gifts, but the place was filled with Halloween plates. But I did find this tiny little picture that I splurged on (under $3!) because I just love it! It says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight." How perfect! It is only 1-1/2 x 5" so it is tiny. Have a good week. Ours has been too busy, but it's our first week back to homeschooling, so I guess it's to be expected.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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deb said...

Kathie ~ sounds like a very nice holiday! I pray that your first days back to school will go well and all the children (and you) will be successful and productive.