Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Chocolate Day, Mom

Yesterday was my birthday, so Maggie made this delicious chocolate cake. Every time Maggie tries out a new recipe, she always declares it a flop. It's become a family joke. So let me say that this is her best flop yet.
Ruthie wanted to be a part of the kitchen scene, so she made ice cream sandwiches. She spread soft tofutti ice cream between two chocolate graham crackers, froze them, dipped them in melted chocolate, then froze them again. These, too, were delicious.
Yesterday was a strange day. We were supposed to meet Mike at Hog Point (see earlier post) for a picnic. But we got a late start and Mike had to teach. I couldn't get my allergy shots because I still have a good rash and swelling from my last shot. Then I took the twins to get their military ID cards, but the computers are down for a few days. The only successful part of my trip to town was the Dollar Store! We found cheap cupcake papers for Maggie, and I finally found what I was looking for this past spring ~ orange flowers to attract Baltimore Orioles (our state bird). Next spring I will screw these platters (I bought three) to the posts of my porch, if I can do it without looking gaudy!
This is the picture that my brother, Simba, took in Virginia. He took the picture with his cell phone. I call it "Five Monkeys on a Kayak."
And this is a picture of my baby, Little Black Guy. See his little white slipper? He has the shiniest coat and loves to be spoiled. LBG used to live up on the porch and we brought him in the house most everyday. But once we found out we were allergic to him, we put him out with the other bunnies, which he enjoys more. But I sure miss him.

All of the bunnies are shedding and putting on their winter coats, so Anna and Maggie go out and brush the bunnies regularly. There are bunnie hairs floating all around the woods out there!

Have a good weekend. I hope to catch up on my chores and schoolwork that didn't get done yesterday. The weather will be superb, but we are desperate for rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Tammy C said...

military ID cards, but the computers are down for a few days-that sound so funny to hear in the 21st century,but then again military and down computers have been happening for YEARS!!

Love the fabric that you sent Deb over at Mountain Musings.I like the color pink.

I also printed your Paula Deen recipe.We make brocoli slaw and this is a little different.

Rob, Jenny and Baby William said...

Happy Birthday!! That cake looks sooo good!

Party girl said...

this bunny is sooo cute. just came across while browsing...i love animals.