Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tonight I was desperate to use up my pattypan squash. I had 8 of 6 more out in the garden! So I experimented with my sourdough and came up with a winner recipe. Yummy! You can read the recipe for my new Sourdough Pattypan Squash Casserole here.
Maggie made some homemade Miso soup that was absolutely delicious! She followed the above recipe from my new Sushi cookbook. She had to use a converter for the amounts.
Today I made two loaves of whole grain wheat bread so we could eat up some of the tomatoes that are abundantly growing in my garden. I did some googling and found out this sandwich costs between 13 and 15 cents each. That even includes the electricity to bake the bread...but not the salt and pepper.
Allen has finally found his niche in music. He is getting really good at the banjo. I am trying to find a local banjo teacher but so far have been unsuccessful. Mr. Chris, a friend from church, lent Allen some banjo books, so he's been practicing as much as he can...but he has a lot of questions. But I'm praying for a good teacher, so hold on!
We set up our sewing machines in the kitchen this week, so we're getting lots of sewing done. I made Ruthie a new dress, so as a reward, I got to make another flower "block" for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. This is the 4th flower I've finished.
Lizzie sewed this patriotic quilt block together which will end up as part of another tote bag. I had to laugh at Anna when she saw this block. She repeated my #1 quilting have to iron every seam! Lizzie hates to iron...just as Anna hated to iron!
Anna had me order this cd from Vision Forum called Making Wise Decisions About College and Life After Homeschool. Anna is seeking the Lord's leading in this area. Vision Forum has several good books and cds on this subject.
This past week when Mike took Maggie to Walter Reed for her accupuncture treatment, they stopped at my favorite thrift shop on the way home. Mike bought me this cactus appetizer dish from Boston Warehouse (love it!!)...
...and this Romertopf Clay Baker!!! It is unglazed, which is hard to find. He also bought 3 more glass jars for my collection. What a honeybun! Thanks so much, Mike. My other clay baker is a Schlemmertopf and is glazed. Now I can make my Indonesian Beggar's Chicken in the Romertopf, and my apple dumplings in the Schlemmertopf. What a blessing!

Today the thermometer hit 100 degrees outside with dewpoints in the 70s. I had to change my dress whenever I went out on the porch to peg clothes. We set the upstairs air conditioner at 80 degrees and shut all the blinds and doors, then spent the day downstairs. We knew the air conditioner would have to work too hard to keep it cool. But the downstairs is a very cool 75 degrees...thanks to my wraparound porch that shades the windows.

We will miss our church friends tomorrow. Since we suspect we have a virus, we will show our love for them by staying home and worshiping here.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Nathaniel the Darnell said...

"Making Wise Decisions about College" is a foundational message that the Lord used in my life nearly ten years ago. I highly recommend it, and hope your family enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

I go to church with Nathaniel's parents. I was out with his mom this past Friday.
Hope everyone in your family feels better soon Kathie and you find a good banjo teacher for your son.