Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here's a common sight this summer. What's worse is the humidity levels! I went to an amish store today and all the amish boys were just soaked. I felt a little better when I found out they were going to swim in a stream after work.
Last week I was using google to try to find a good way to hang a swing between two trees without damaging the tree. Instead, I learned about this tree on Vashon Island, WA. The tree has absorbed a bicycle that was left near it. I don't know if the tree grew up into the bike or what, but it sure is fascinating!
My friend, Mark, asked me for an update on my container plants. My chocolate and orange mint plants are doing wonderfully. In this heat I have to water them everyday. I also have to refill my hummingbird feeders everyday. Sometimes I wonder if it's time well spent!
My friend, Trudy, went to Assateague Island this summer and saw the wild ponies that roam the beach. Trudy says it's illegal to pet the ponies. Evidently they have been known to bite or kick. Thanks for the pic, Trudy!

Well, this is a short post but I wanted to write something! I saw lots of pictures added to my folder, so I'll have to post those this weekend. Hubby is in CA for two weeks, so we were going to enjoy taking it easy. Ha!

Tonight we had a 2-part storm that dumped lots of rain, so I am feeling very blessed. Today I helped an elderly friend get rid of some junk, then took Lizzie to a dentist appt, took the car to get the tires rotated and balanced, then dropped Allen off at Tang Soo Do while I rushed to run errands. I am so thankful Anna has her license and helps out with driving Maggie to her appts.

By the way, Maggie is doing unbelievably well! Each day I am amazed at how much more she can do. PTL!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Hi Kathie ~ I "think" I commented already on this post, but it didn't look like it went through. I just came back to see if you had approved it, and it isn't here. So I'll repost.

Your pots on the steps look GREAT!!! Green and healthy! I lost mine this year: I just couldn't expect the girls to do everything while I was recuperating from surgery. I'll try pansies again this fall.

it's great that Maggie is doing so much better!